5 Horror Film “gems” to check out…

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, The Blog!

Just skimming through my more than awesome horror movie DVD collection and figured i’d give a list of 5 under-rated or not so well known little “gems” to check out.

1. Dead and Buried– This little known horror film from director Dan O’Bannon (“Return of the Living Dead” and “Alien”) is about a sheriff in a small town who investigates a murder, he than notices more and more murders taking place. After trying to tie things together the recently dead come back to life. With some great special FX from one of the all time greats, Sam Winston, and a small role from Pre Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert England, Dead and Buried is great for a late night movie night.

2. Sleepaway Camp– A great 80’s B-Movie “cheese”. If you love watching teens get their’s you’ll get a kick out of this one. Taking from the “camp” theme of the horror 80’s, this film gives us one of the most shocking endings in horror history.

3. Basket Case– OK, so I kinda cheated with this one a little, I don’t have the DVD, but I do have it in my Netflix Instant Que. This is big time gem from the 80’s. Two brothers split from a Siamese twin operation. One a full looking man, his brother, a disgusting looking mini human. I can’t continue to describe this, if you have Netflix, take a look. It’s good phone.

4. Crazies (1973)- After Night of the Living Dead but before Dawn, George A. Romero released “The Crazies” about a virus in the towns water suply that caused the towns folk to go, you guessed it, crazy. Many twists and turns and great direction make this film not only one of my favorite Romero movies, but on of the best from the early 70’s.

5. Needful Things– One of the best Stephan Kings “Books to Film” adaptations, stars Ed Harris as a police man who tries to figure out what the new shop keeper in town is all about. He seems to have something for everyone, but that “something” is not always the best thing. Check this creepy film out if you have a few hours to kill, if you have a few more, read the book.


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