The Hostile Taker Over of the 112th Congress

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

So the Hostile Take Over has begun. The 112th Congress has been sworn in, lead by their orange skinned tan man himself, the new speaker of the house, John Boehner. After a tremendous speech by out going speaker, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner took his over sized gavel, shed a tear….shed another…shed some more…well you get the point. Boehner spoke for about 6 or 7 minutes, giving the standard conservative speech. The biggest thing the new GOP congress has to roll out first is repeal of what they call “Obama Care”. This is outrageous. Not only will it cut 17 million Americans out of receiving Medicaid, raise the cost of health care and add to the national debt. The tan man and his buddies on the right scream about government spending, the rising debt, bad health care, poor education and more “evil” liberal ideology. Well below I will break down each of these issues and sum up why the republication are so off base.

This is one of the biggest issues that we here about from republications, whether it is straight from the horses mouth or the GOP news network knowns as Fox News. The republications want to cut some of the most successful government programs in US history such as Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security etc. What the GOP wants to do is turn these programs over to private ownership, so they can manipulate things without having to deal with the democrats and progressives putting a stop to it. By putting these programs and programs alike into the hands of corporations, they will be able to dictate prices how they please, leaving middle class and lower income workers unable to afford these programs and leaving them out in the cold. The republications want less government because they run on the false platform that government is bad. Government is here to help the people, it is what our founding fathers intended to do. It is only “bad” when certain people get involved and open the door wide open to big business and special interest groups who spread their wallets wide and buy what they want at a minutes notice. We need more government intervention in our country, not less, it just needs to be redirected in the correct way.

This is one of my favorite topics when discussing politics. The republications always bring up the debt and throw President Obama under the bus by talking about his health care plan. The issue with the republications doing this is that when they scream about a high debt, they never lower it, actually they only make it higher. Over the last thirty years the top three presidents who have increased the debt were all republications (Reagan, H.W Bush and W. Bush). Starting with Reagan, the republication Jesus, he lowered the tax rates on the highest earners starting with 70% in 1980, to 50% by 1984 and by the time he left office in 1988 it was down to 28%. The same time he gave breaks to the wealthy he began the destruction of American unions, the organizations that unite workers together so they can have a voice to defend themselves against big business. When Reagan took office in 1980 26% of American workers were members of unions, today that number is down to 7%. Over 40,000 factories have been closed since the republication destruction beginning on the 1980’s and they still have this frame of mind. The republications don’t care about lowering the debt, by forcing President Obama’s hand at the end of 2010, he was forced to keep the tax rates for the highest earns at 36%. If we lower raise the tax rates for these earners we could have saved over 700 billion dollars over the next decade, but of course the republications don’t want to do that, they would rather cut out social security and Medicaid and take away from people that can’t afford a new BMW every quarter.

The first order of business for the new republications in congress is to attempt to repeal the new heath care reform law, what they call “Obamacare” They claim it is socialism and that President Obama is attempting a government take over. The problem is that repealing it alone will cost 1.3 trillion dollars over the next ten years, they would strip away the “donut hole” which covers the remaining costs for seniors for their medicine, people who are 26 or younger who are under their parents health insurance would have to come of. Over 17 million will become uninsured with the number rising each day. Senator Harry Reid has already said if passed in the House, it would die quickly on the senate floor. Knowing it won’t see the light of day, it is obvious that the only reason the republications are doing this is so they can try to hurt the president leading into the 2012 elections.

Another head turner the republications toss out is how bad public education is. Public education is vital to our society, it is essential. We pay taxes that go towards the school system to pay for the building, the teachers and everything in between. Some districts are better than others but we can all agree that it needs to improve. What republications want to do is destroy teachers unions, claiming that they are protecting bad teachers who can’t teach out children. The REAL problem is not the unions, but the system and curriculum. There has been issues for sometime but the major issue over the last decade is George Bushes “No Child Left Behind” bill that did everything but not leave a child behind. With the continue focus on standardize tests, the focus became more and more on getting children to pass a test as oppose to just actually teaching them things. Not everyone is a test taker, different people learn in different ways, though tests have purpose, it shouldn’t be held to such a high standard and should be looked at at an individual basis. We need to leave the teachers unions alone and let them due their job, teach children things they will actually need to go out in the world and add too society, have them work and make a living and be good tax payers. Enough with private schools, charter schools who charge outrageous amounts of money to learn a curriculum that is edited to their wants and needs. We need to focus on the public schools, we need to focus on our children, the future of our country.

These are just a few of the topics you will hear about, hopefully this small break down will give you an idea of where our country is going and how we can possibly get it back on track.

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