Miss Me? Random thoughts, GOP news, dumb biker, barbarians and more

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Miss Me?
Well after months of sitting on the sidelines I’ve decided to get back into the blogging game. With the Republication Primary getting more and more interesting as each day passes I will be breaking down each candidate in a fair way, yes really. I won’t scream and holler at how “crazy” some might be but give a realistic overview of there stances on big issues and give my prediction of their chances in the race. Below are the list of the more well known candidates.

Michele Bachmann– U.S. Representative from Minnesota
Herman Cain– former Federal Reserve banker and businessman from Georgia
Newt Gingrich– former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia
Jon Huntsman, Jr.- former U.S. Ambassador to China and former Governor governor of Utah
Ron Paul– U.S. Representative from Texas
Tim Pawlenty– former Governor of Minnesota
Mitt Romney– former Governor of Massachusetts
Rick Santorum– former Senator from Pennsylvania

1. At a rally in NYC this weekend, bikers protested a new law that enhances laws for wearing safety helmets. One of the bikers crashed, hit his head and died because of a brain injury, the reports are saying if he wore his helmet, he would still be alive. Irony sucks sometimes.

2. Looks like Glenn Beck has finally ended his long time hate filled show on Fox News because of A) ratings dropped more than 30% B) apparently he was getting too crazy for even Fox News C) he will now have a 2 hour show on the internet where he will charge $4.95 a month to listen to him. Boy, I feel bad for anyone blowing their money on this guy, then again, if they are willing to do it they deserve what they get.

3. Unions busting in the North East. In NY and in NJ both Governors have decided to get the union members to pay more into their pensions and health care. However, Gov. Cuomo in NY sat down with the Union leaders and compromised on where the money will come from and shifting around pay raises to help everyone out. In New Jersey, Gov. Christie put his 300lb+ foot on the neck of the unions and stripped them of their hard earned money with the idea that it will get his state budget under control. The thing is, while cuts in programs help, and increased revenue from the unions kicking back more money helps as well, refusing to raise taxes on the millionaires and billionaires in the state is irresponsible and would be the best way to create revenue to pay down the state’s budget.

4. High five for marriage equality in NY. Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmanns husband put his foot in his mouth recently, referring to homosexuals as “Barbarians” who need “discipline and education”. Not the way you want to help your wife win that swing vote.

Happy 4th of July everyone, stay safe, watch fireworks, enjoy time with your family and friends and eat some hot dogs, I take mustard, sauerkraut and relish on mine…Time to turn out the lights, goodnight everybody!


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