Spending? Cuts? Well….here’s a rant and 6 solutions!

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Everyone seems to be upset about spending…and asks the question how do we get the deficit down? I don’t think I can take anyone serious who complains about this and than votes to keep tax cuts for wealthiest people that added $858 Billion dollars to the debt over the next two years…..seriously? And now you want to cut education? Medicare? Social Security? Are you Serious? Over the last few years my interest in politics and the world around me has increased, to say the least. So I understand that you have to play the “game” and compromise at times. However, some things should not even be on the table. Here are just a few ideas of the top of my head that will get the debt down, cut WASTEFUL spending and put people back to work at the same time enhancing and increasing the strength of our country and make the middle class thrive once again.

1. Roll back the Reagan Tax cuts to pre-1980 levels-
In 1980 Ronald Reagan came into office, by the time he left 8 years latter the top tax rate in our country had decreased from 70% to 28%. Sounds OK right? Wrong. The problem is that when you have less money coming into the government the less they have to work with and provide for it’s people. The idea that the wealthiest people will than use their tax saving to “create jobs” is unfortunately not right. Well not entirely. Most of these jobs are created over seas, contributing to our massive unemployment rate. Their additional savings get put into off shore bank accounts where they don’t have to pay taxes.

2. Cut Social Security? Actually, the opposite-
Social Security, despite what the neocons say, has a $2.4 trillion dollar surplus. 100% of the benefits will be paid out until 2038, and 80% of the benefits will be paid out until 2089. With that said, before this year the social security rate that everyone paid from their taxes was 6.2%, which was than matched by their employer for a total of 12.4%. For 2011, as apart of the new tax plan, the social security tax rate was actually lowered to just over 4%. Another fact of social security is that there is a cap on it. After someone makes $106,000, they are no longer taxed on social security. So someone who makes $1 million dollars, is only taxed on 10% of their income, where someone like you and I pay into the system 100 percent of our income. Now I am not complaining about paying, I think we all should. I think the cap should eliminated, and everyone should pay into the system. In addition to the cap raising, the tax rate should be raised. We need to slightly raise the social security rate to 7%, that would be matched by the employer to make it 14%,a rate that we wouldn’t feel to much in our pockets but would take care of the social security issue for future generations.

3. Enough with the “Prick Waving”-
That’s what my favorite comedian said, war is a bunch of prick waving. We spend billions of dollars daily in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars that were never paid for, wars that we entered under false pretense and “bad intelligence’ not to mention over 4000 American lives that were lost and thousands innocent civilians. Do I even have to mention about the bases that we set up all over the world that we waste money on because we feel the need to be rulers of the world. We need to cut back on defense, pull out of unwanted wars and use that money to invest in our country I understand we need a strong military, I am all for that, but we don’t need to take such a strong stand in every other countries business wasting billions of dollars in the process.

4. Smarten up-
Down here in Florida, current republication Governor, Rick Scott, wants to cut $3.3 billion dollars in education alone, not to mention adding $343 million to his own office budget. This is an issue that conservatives want to do all across our country. With cries out privatising our school system, handing vouchers out to parents to send their kids to private and charter school at the same time taking funding away from the school in their home districts. We don’t need to fund private schools. We need to focus on good, solid public education. The system we have is broken, with George Bushes “No Child Left Behind” act over 10 years ago, the system now teachers our children to pass a test, as opposed to actually being taught real fundamental things. We need more funding in our public schools, focusing on strong teachers to teach and mold the future of America. I would propose extra funding to have free public education through college. Make community college free, with the option to spend your own money with loans or limited financial aide to attend a private college.

5. Man I need to go to the dentist-
That is what my dad always harps on me about, and I wish I could afford. Starting in 2014, I will have health care, It will cost me some money, but a lot less than it would now. I have some friends that have already benefited from the new Health Care law. Some are back on their parents insurance, some are no longer denied for a minor pre existing condition. The republications can’t stand this, they scream about “socialism”, “communism” and the rising cost of health care. Some people will have to pay more in health care, those would be the ones who pay nothing now that is. Do you like your coverage? Yes? Great, you can keep it despite what the folks of at Fox News tells you. Remember the screaming from the right about “death panels”? ya that was all BS too. The new health care plan is a good step in the right direction but far from perfect. People will get tax credits to purchase health care if they meet the income requirements, but we are still buying that health care from private insurers. What we really need is a single payer system, Medicare for all. Everyone pays in and everyone gets care. Some countries have what is called a “two tier” system Where everyone pays in to the system at a less rate than a single payer system, and you receive basic care from the government, with private insurers taking care of larger costs. Either one of those would be better than the current “Individual Mandate” that the US now has, but make no mistake, the new health care law that the GOP calls “Obama care” is better than we had, and better than anything the republications and tea party have to offer.

6. Kick the Citizens Untied to the curb-
Last year the conservative group, Citizens United, won a federal case that allowed unlimited funding by corporations to donate to elections without disclosure. This is so damaging to our country, no longer are the people controlling the elections, it is big business who only look out for themselves, their bonuses and their company bottom line. Spending millions upon millions to buy elections, the this country is headed in the wrong direction as far as the election system is concerned. As the great FDR once said “Government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob”

I can keep on going, but in all honesty, my fingers hurt, and I just wanna relax…I will add to the list however, so keep an eye out…..Thanks, Robby


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