The Importance of the Mid-Term Elections and the Power of Delusion…

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Well, where do we go from here. Those are the words I just see myself echoing on the morning of November 3rd, 2010. That is the day following the 2010 mid-term elections. As someone who follows politics pretty closely on a national and local level, to say that I have kept a close eye on many of the races going on across the country is an understatement. From California to New York from New York down to Florida, each race proves to be very important whether it is a House or Senate race, Governor race or even down to smaller local elections. The problem with mid-term elections are that they don’t fire up as many people like the “Big One” does every four years when we elect a new president. A lot of people don’t pay much attention, they don’t vote and than for some reason always seem to be the first ones to complain about things when they finally pop the bubble that they live in and realize that things aren’t exactly going there way. When things don’t go well in any walk of life people always tend to blame the person at the top, that is one of the risks when you take such a high position. It could be the owner of a business, a manager of a baseball team or even, oh I don’t know, the president of the United States perhaps? The importance in the mid terms is more than you think. Democrats and republications, liberals and conservatives and moderates as well have something in common. While they may have very different ideological differences, and if you have read anything I have written you do know that I make my opinions heard, what they do have in common is the fact that many don’t really understand the system and power/ lack of power that our president has.

The office of the President is the highest in the land. He can propose laws, declare way and issue executive orders. You see, the thing is that is seems many people think that the president can just wave a magic wand and do what he wants. It doesn’t exactly work that way. If the president proposes a bill, it has to get through congress, the senate as well as the house. In the senate, the bill actually needs 60 votes to pass. Whether the president is a democrat or a republication, what he wants done is more complicated than just waving his magic wand around and saying “hocus pocus” . Typically in mid-term elections, the party in power (the president) will loose seats. It’s just the way it works, whoever’s party is not the one running the show, they usually are more fired up and head to the polls. It would be like if your football team is in the forth quarter with a comfortable lead and they let off the gas, maybe send in a few back ups with the thoughts that they have the game in hand, than out of no where the opponent fires up and fights back to cut into the lead. If you go by that analogy, that is exactly what is happening now. President Obama is a member of the democratic party, so in turn the republications have their base fired up, the screams of “socialism” and “communism” are heard from the voices of the conservative talking heads on the radio all the way to the “take my country back” and “don’t tread on me” bumper stickers on the back of a pick up truck in a southern state. Now, I understand the opposition from a competing party. Of course you want o get your base pumped up, so in turn they will be motivated to vote, and in the case of the mid-terms, try to gain control of the congress in both the senate and in the house. However, what is happening now in 2010 is a bit different than what we have heard in the past.

The viciousness is a bit more harsh, the factual inaccuracies are off the charts. With the republication parties hard turn to the right over the last 2 years, it is obvious that the influence that the Tea Party movement has had. The Tea Party don’t come out and say they favor republications, however with over 130 Tea Party backed candidates and every single one running on the Republication ticket, it is pretty easy to see where they stand. They talk about cut government spending, but never say what they will cut. Mentions of slashes social security and Medicaid are met with opposition, and rightfully so. The conservatives also talk about how they love the constitution, but seem to have a memory block with most of the list. Completely violating the separation of church and state that goes against the first amendment, there utter contempt and aggression in abolishing the 14th amendment, by shipping anyone who was born in this country out of the US without regard of anything else. When you think about it, the only amendment that they consistently talk about, is the love of the 2nd amendment, were they have the right to take a gun and shoot a deer that did nothing wrong and hang it’s head on the wall, or carry there handgun anywhere they please. The Tea Party and conservatives talk about low or no taxes, talking about how government is evil and needs to stay out of their lives and how if you don‘t agree with them, you must be a communist socialist. There are a few problems they obviously haven’t spoken about. If you take away taxes than we don’t have many of the things most people, and obviously conservatives, take for granted. Bye, Bye to the police and fireman, See Ya public transportation. It wouldn’t matter anyway because we wouldn’t have roads, bridges or tunnels to drive on or under because they would be gone too. Oh ya, and I hope you somehow have some extra cash laying around, because without tax funded public schools, you will need to send your kid to a private school or home school them. In fact most of these people claim to be “average Americans”. What they don’t realize is that these “average Americans” are voting against their best interests. Most conservatives and Tea Party members who have all but taken over the republication party, become satisfied by simple explanations that are without merit. “LOWER TAXES”, they hear that rally cry and they all scream foul at the liberal democrats. Chants against Unions in our country also poison the minds of the conservatives. What these people don’t realize is that most of them wouldn’t have their taxes raises, in fact they would actually get a tax credit. Raising taxes for the top 2% with the promise that the money would “trickle down” not only doesn’t not work, but it has been the root cause of the destruction of our capitalistic economic system since Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, 30 years ago. The rich don’t take that credit and create jobs, they pock the money, put it in a swiss bank account over seas and continue to let the middle class struggle.
As far as Unions go, in most cases, they would actually benefit from being in a Union. Unions weren’t made to hold the corporation hostage and to take all their money. They were designed to level the playing field and not let the upper management run away with all the money as the hard workers sweat down below. Unions make sure that the workers get treated fairly and get paid a decent and livable wage. If the corporation wants to supplement the cost of paying workers a decent wage by raising the prices of goods, than that is something that needs to be taken up with the company not the workers.

I wanted to make just one more point, if conservatives always talk about how they want government out of their lives, and that government should only be around to deal with war and foreign affairs, why do they constantly talk about repealing Row vs. Wade and making abortion illegal? Why is there such opposition to gay marriage, gay adoption and over turning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and that bans gays from serving openly in the military.

A week from now the landscape of our country could very well be very different. According to almost every poll and research center, the chances that the Tea Party lead GOP will make enough gains in both the House and the Senate to take over congress. If this happens, than you will be begging to go back to what we have had over the last 2 years. You think things are tough for President Obama now? Just wait and see. The republications will block everything he wants to do, and than in 2012 run on a platform that President Obama has done nothing, when in reality they will be the reason for it. If you want you social security and Medicaid in the hands of the people who crashed the economy in 2008. If you want the government telling woman what to do with there bodies, if you support the discrimination against minorities, woman and others, if you want one central religion ruling the land and if you would like guns in the hands of every American, than vote republication, in the mean time I’ll be hiding under my bed coming up with ideas on how to get outta here!


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