One Nation Working Together March- 10/2/2010

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Tomorrow is Saturday October 2nd. For some people it means rent is a day late, others it might mean the start of a fun weekend and others the start of a busy work weekend. However, for people in Washington it means something else entirely. A few weeks ago we had to deal with a “rally” headed by conservative evangelical Fox News celebrity, Glen Beck, spewing his hatred for the middle class of American and basically anyone who isn’t a Christian. The march tomorrow is something very different. Entitled “One Nation Working Together”, headed by Progressive voices like Ed Shultz and Mark Thompson and with the support of the NAACP and other organizations, they will be marching for peace and a return to glory for the middle class and all Americans. People like the 99ers, who lost there unemployment benefits and still can’t find a job, for people who can’t afford health care, for those who are discriminated against because of gender, race or personal beliefs. The One Nation march promotes understanding and acceptance and doing what is right for the country as a whole. It will support and promote the concept of Fair Trade and not giving tax breaks to big companies that ship jobs overseas as oppose to keeping jobs right here in the states. I can keep going but you can click on the link below for more info. I hope everyone at least takes a look at what they are doing, it truly is going to be a great day that I just wish i could be apart of.


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