For your consideration- Psycho Christine O’Donnell!

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Witch craft…anti-masturbation…fundamentalist Christian….super conservative….anti-choice/anti-abortion….anti civil rights/homophobic….little or no government…red jacket…wide eyes…can you guess who this is? No, No, No…I’m not talking about Sarah Palin, i’m talking about the GOP Senate candidate in Delaware and Sarah Palin clone, Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell, a Tea Party backed candidate, pulled an upset last Tuesday when she beat out 9 time House Rep. Michael Castle. Castle is more of a moderate republication, favoring pro-choice and gay marriage positions , and considering the pull to the right that the Tea Party is having with the republications we shouldn’t have been too surprised. O’Donnell has no experience at all, seriously, none. She was a public relations consultant and a political commentator for…of all places, Fox News. She is being audited by the IRS for owing over $11,000 in back taxes dating back to 2005, she defaulted on the mortgage on her home and than used campaign money to pay for her new rent. O’Donnell’s deep Christian beliefs dip into her political positions, she wants to eliminate one of the staples of our country “The Separation of Church and State, with this extreme view she is heavily against sex before marriage and the even crazier notion, masturbation. She has made it clear live on TV, that while masturbating you are thinking of lust, which is a sin against god and that masturbation should not be encouraged, but rather looked down upon.

Don’t worry i’m not done yet, she also said that teaching sex-ed in school promotes non-Christian values and by teaching kids to use condoms, it helps to spread aids…. yes condoms help spread aids…ummmm…ya…. She is also against stem cell research than can help cure thousands of diseases, viruses and other medical conditions etc, she is also for the repeal of the new health care reform which would in turn take away coverage of over 30 million set to be able to afford coverage in 2013, blocking a cap and trade bill that would force gas and oil companies to be smart with protecting the environment and lets not forget her claim that scientists have been cross breading humans with mice and putting human brains inside them. I won’t even get into the issue of her dabbling in witch craft.

I know this doesn’t sound serious, like I just made it up as a joke. The scary thing is that this is all true, watch the news (and I don’t mean Fox News aka. Fixed Noise), but anything else. The Democratic Nominee, Chris Coons, needs to attack this just like I did. Coons has been a county executive in Delaware for the last few years and is a solid progressive, yet not well known. While the republications had hoped to pick up 9 or 10 seats in the Senate this November, with radical extreme candidates winning the primaries (O’Donnell, Rand Paul, Sharron Angle) and being backed by the Tea Party, don’t be too surprised if those 9 or 10 picks end up falling short.

****Bonus****- Christine O’Donnell said that because of her faith, she won’t lie. So in turn, she said that if she was in Germany in the early 1940’s , had Anne Frank hiding in her house and Hitler himself came to her door and asked if any Jews were in the house, that she would have to be honest with him….Enough Said


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