The Cultural Center in NYC and the disgusting Terry Jones…

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Oh I love this. I live in Florida, and the extreme fundamentalist are on every corner, I get looked at like I have 8 heads and i’m from another planet because i’m an agnostic and choose to have my own beliefs. I can’t say i’m very surprised by the recent disgusting actions of Pastor Terry Jones who wants to honor 9/11 by turning it into “Burn a Koran” day on the 9/11’s 9th year anniversary. Jones is the head of the Christian church “Dove World Outreach Center” in Gainsville, FL who calls Islam “from the devil”. People like Jones give people of more moderate faith a real bad name, it’s just very unfortunate that people like this have such a loud voice. Whether your burning Korans, protesting against gay marriage or throwing stones at an abortion clinic, you are extreme, ignorant and unintelligent. General David Petraeus, head of the war in Afghanistan, has pleaded for Jones to not hold his rally and burning of the Koran, as he said it will ignite the extreme people he is up against and it will make it even harder for the troops to succeed. In addition to igniting the extreme people of Islam, the majority of Muslims who are moderate would just be offended, in the same way Christians would be offended if people burned the bible which would be just as awful. On the topic of moderate Muslims, good people and good Americans, it was announced this week that the planned cultural center in NYC, blocks away from ground zero will have multiple rooms for people of all faiths to pray. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus etc…everyone will be encouraged to come and visit the center that will promote interfaith acceptance and understanding. In addition to that, a big part of the center will be dedicated to the men and woman of all faiths that died on 9/11 as well as the policeman, fireman and everyone else that put their life on the line to safe anyone that was there. The fear is out there along with hate and ignorance. Hopefully with more details coming out about the center some people will calm their bigoted views down, however, people like Pastor Terry Jones, well the ship of common sense, understanding and love has sure passed him by.


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