Game On!- Obama just says NO to tax cuts for the rich

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

So where has this guy been? This week President Obama revealed his new economic plan to get people back to work, rebuild our countries roads, railways and other infer structure. One of the key points to the speech was the President addressing the “Bush Tax Cuts”. The republications have been screaming to keep the cuts in place, effectively giving the wealthiest Americans a tax cut. However, the President stood his ground, and while keeping the tax cuts in place for 98% of Americans making less than $250,000, those who are making over that amount will have there taxes raised a little over 3% taking their tax rate from 35 to about 38-39%. The new plan will cost about $180 billion, but will be paid for by the additional taxes on the rich and by cutting off extra tax breaks for big oil companies, major banks etc. that have been using loop holes to line their pockets and ship jobs overseas over the last decade. Not everything is perfect, the President did have to budge a bit by letting companies write off any new equipment they buy this year as a tax write off, but issues like that don’t seem to big when compared to the bigger issues that the President mentioned. President Obama also finally went on the offensive, over the last few months and really the last 2 years, republications have been doing everything they can to smear the name of President Obama. One of the major offenders guilty of this is the GOP House Minority Leader , John Boehner. Boehner has said he would want to privatize social security and Medicare, he wanted to stay in this awful war in Iraq, was against health care for all Americans, he wants almost no restrictions on guns, he is against gay marriage and abortion and is in favor of getting rid of separation of church and state just to name a few. He is as far to the right as you can get, and that is scary. President Obama mentioned Boehner 8 times in his speech, calling him out for being against the middle class and being the voice for the big companies on wall street. I’ve always been a supporter of our President even if I haven’t agreed with everything he has done. However, it is good to see that finally he has stepped up and took the bull by it’s horns. With the very important mid-term elections coming up in November, it is important that President Obama start to turn back the clock and get back into the mode he was in when he was running for office. The poll numbers look bad for the democrats right now, and traditionally in the mid terms the party in power loses seats, but if President Obama and the democrats and continue to act like this, they might have a shot to surprise a lot of people.


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