Mississippi school bands Blacks from running for school office…

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Racism is something that has seemingly gone on since the beginning of time, it certainly has been something engraved in the analyses of American history. The good thing is that we have made progress. No longer do African-Americans have to sit in the back of public buses, black Americans don’t have to drink from a separate water fountain or eat at a different lunch counter, man I mean, even the President of the United States is black. However, their are some parts of our country that are still stuck in reverse. Some people in this country still think that it is the 1950’s as opposed to being the year 2010. Nettleton Middle School, located in Mississippi a notoriously prejudice state, has proved that not everyone has progressively moved forward. In the school, they have a system set up for class elections, you’ll see in the picture above, that blacks aren’t allowed to participate in certain elections. In the 6th grade, black kids can only be voted in as a reporter, 7th grade only secretary of treasury and in the 8th grade, only as far as the vice-president. At first I didn’t think it was possible, could it be true that an African American can be the President of the United States but can’t be the 8t grade class president of Nettleton Middle School? Unfortunately, it was found to be true. Superintendent Russell Taylor posted a statement on the school’s website, saying the policy had been in place for 30 years, during a time when Mississippi came under close scrutiny from the U.S. Justice Department over desegregation. After a giant backlash, the school has decided to take those restrictions away. Of course it had to be such a backlash, they could have changed this 30 years ago for being a prejudice, intolerant and bigoted, but why would they wanna do that. Now we all know that not everyone in Mississippi thinks this way, but the people in this community didn’t seem to care enough to speak our until now, and that is ashame.


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