Muslim Taxi Cab Driver stabbed for being muslim…

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Yesterday in New York City, 21 year old college student, Michael Enright, questioned a taxi cab driver of his religion, asking if he was a Muslim. Right after the question was asked, Enright took out a knife and stabbed the cab driver multiple times in the face, neck and chest. Ahmed H. Sharif, a 43 year old Muslim tax cab driver was just doing his job, trying to provide for his family and was a victim of hate crime brought on by the radical propaganda against religious tolerance. Michael Enright had been in Afghanistan shooting a documentary on life in Afghanistan. No one had ever thought he was a violent bigot. This is just another example of intolerance and the hate speech that is being spewed by the radical right wing in this country. People with violent tendencies can be sparked by this rederick. I wish Ahmed H. Sharif a speeding recovering and best of luck to him and his family and I hope Enright will be brought to justice.


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