Don’t Block Stem Cell Research….

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

This past week, a judge voted on blocking funding on embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cells are mostly taken from fetus, which of course draws a big conflict in the abortion debate. What people don’t realize is that by using these stem cells and continuing further with stem cell research, such horrible medical conditions such as Parkinsons, MS and others could have the chance to be cured. The ability is there, the scientific facts are there, however many people on the right are screaming over this. Claiming that it is against their moral and religious beliefs. People scream “Pro-Life”, but all these people are doing is restricting science in it’s attempt to save lives and help people live a more healthy life who have the unfortunate luck of people stricken with one of these debilitating conditions. I believe that if the science is there, we must take advantage of it. These cells, which are taken from fetuses in their early stage, are just that. A fetus isn’t developed yet, only beginning, in fact the brain has such minimal function that it doesn’t and wouldn’t feel anything (like pain) until the 3rd trimester. If people have an abortion, and the fetus that aren’t alive are to no use to anyone, we should be able to use them in order to help others. I understand it is a touchy subject, and I respect the feelings and standing of others, but I think the answer is very clear, if we can help others now we must. People act like the doctors are going into a day care and taking cells from little kids…it’s not little kids, it’s under developed fetuses….giant difference.


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