Primary Day!

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Well, today is primary day in and one of the states drawing the most attention is the state were I live now, Florida. I could have blogged about the other primaries but I wanted to focus on this one state. I went to the polls this morning and casted my votes, got my sticker and on I went. The most intriguing race down here in Florida that is getting the most attention are the Democratic Primaries for Senate between the veteran Kendrick Meek and new comer, billionaire Jeff Greene. The other race getting a lot of attention is the primary for republication Gov. of Florida between long time Florida politician Bill Mccollum and relative newcomer himself Rick Scott.
Kendrick Meek is a solid candidate, however, living in Florida I know how tough it is for a democrat to win a major primary, so the chances that he wins in November would be slim. The inside scoop for democrats is that they would like to have the long shot Greene win. The reason being that in November it would be easier for them to dump Greene than Meek and side with the former republication and now independent Charlie Crist. Crist, the current Gov. of Florida was essentially kicked out of the republication party when he decided to back President Obama on issues like Health Care and Financial Reform and has recently taken a more Pro-Choice stance on Abortion. Siding with President Obama is a big “no-no” in the republication party, and while Crist is running as an Independent, it is widely regarded that he would side with the democrats more times than not if he is able to pull out the win. Green is a long shot, his previous voting records show when he was younger he was a registered republication, and when asked who he voted for in 1980 during the Reagan election, he couldn’t recall. With new pictures surfacing with Lindsay Lohan and Mike Tyson partying on his yacht, and finding out Mike Tyson was the best man at his wedding, many are questioning his morals.
The race for governor on the republication side is similar to the democratic senate primary. Bill Mccollum, the current attorney general, has been accused by Ric Scott for being too liberal for Florida, and for flip flopping on different issues. Scott on the other hand has been accused of taken money from a few hospitals that he has worked with, he also is the founder of the Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, a group opposed to President Obama’s national health care reform and promotes health care through the free market. In one of the funniest and smartest ads I’ve seen, the democratic candidate who is running virtually unopposed, Alex Sink put this ad out poking fun at the bickering between the two republication candidates.


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