Being Fair: 2 Disgraceful Dem’s

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

I have been known for, if you have read any of my posts, being very critical of the conservative agenda and the republication party. I criticize them both on the fiscal side and the social side, however, in the interest of fairness I have to point out two democrats that have gotten under my nerves over the last week fews. The two I am speaking of are former Gov. of Illinois Rod Blagojevich and House Rep. Charles Rangel. First will get Charlie Rangel out of the way first, he is being accused of not paying taxes, excepting gifts from corporations in exchange for free travel and for the failure for disclosing rental income in the Dominican Republic among a few others. This all started two years ago but has really picked up stream over the last few months, just in time of course for our mid term elections. Rangel would be smart to be quiet and try to let this pass along until a trial is set, which is dragging on, but instead he throws a huge party for himself were he preceded to dance like a fool. In addition, on the day President Obama signed into a law a bill that would give money to help save jobs for teachers, police and fireman, Rangel decided to take over 20 minutes on the house floor not to talk about the bill, but to plead his innocence and through members of his own party under the bus. Mr. Rangel, you have been a respected man in congress for years, but please sit down, shut up and stop causing anymore problems.
The other Democrat I am aggravated with his Rod Blagojevich, His trial was watched by nearly everyone in the news media and it really brought up a lot of problems. Blagojevich was arrested on federal corruption charges including conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery in order to gain President Obama’s vacant seat in the senate. He was brought up on 24 charges. Everyone thought he would be found guilty of most of these charges, but last week the verdict was in. Guilty on only 1 of the 24 charges. Really? Wow, that seemed like he got away with a lot, but the law is the law. You would think at this point he would be happy, go away quietly and hope they don’t try to retrial him. However, Blagojevich upon the verdict, went on multiple talk shows, radio interviews and autograph signings. Yes, autograph signing, $50 for a autograph and $80 for a picture. Seriously? These are some of the bad apples on the democrat tree and we can just hope people don’t take it out on the rest of them. See, I don’t always bash the republications, I’m fair. The difference between the two parties is simple. The democrats are a garden of flowers with a few weeds here and their, and the republications are a bed of weeds with a few floors from time to time. See ya!


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