Bullet Points on Political Issues!

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

There’s just been a few issues that I have seen in the news lately that I wanted to bullet point and give a quick opinion on, any feedback would be interesting….

*Gay Marriage and the Repeal of Prop 8*- There’s seems to be this big backlash against the repeal of the prejudice and judgmental Proposition 8 decision that had previously banned gay marriage. Serious, as a straight male who is married with a kid, the idea that gay’s getting married somehow degrades my marriage is insane. Whether your opinion comes from the bible and your prejudice religious views or you are just an all out bigot, you need to get over it and let everyone be treated equality and stopped thinking you are better than others. In all honesty, if Jesus were around today I think he would want people to love and respect people no matter what there sexual orientation is, but that is a debate of another kind.

*John Boehner is insane and yellow*- The House minority leader, John Boehner, has been one of the GOP’s most outspoken leaders. His frequent rants against Health Care Reform, Financial Reform etc. shows without question that he is a super conservative. Boehner was on Meet the Press this week and he said over and over that we can’t raise taxes at this time and we need to get the debt down, however when asked why he supported keeping the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich he has no answer. MTP host David Gregory asked Boehner repeatedly why he would support this since the tax cuts aren’t paid for and asked a simple yes or no question, are tax cuts paid for. Boehner of course couldn’t answer the question and deflected each time. An interesting fact that came out this week also is that so far in the year 2010, Boehner has golfed 119 times….119 times! Wow, this guys has way to long time on his hands, maybe that’s why he is so yellow looking.

*The Senate Democratic Primaries are underwhelming*- Jeff Greene, Kendrick Meek…eh. I like Meek and his stance on most issues but his campaign is so poorly run. He has some skeletons in the closest but don’t all politicians? I’m more focused on the fact that you can’t find him anywhere. I’m not saying the guy isn’t working hard, he is. He is out on the grass roots campaign style and doing work but he NEEDS to be on TV, radio and where are his TV ads? I need to see him on Hardball at night and doing the rounds on the local radio stations. Jeff Greene is pushing hard to make Meek look bad and is doing a good job. We don’t know much about Greene but personally he kind of rubs me the wrong way. A self made billionaire…sounds good but coming out of no where with all this money is a bit strange. I could be completely wrong but i’m just following my gut on this. Either way, no matter what man wins the primary they won’t stand a chance in the usually conservative state of Florida against Tea Party crazy Marco Rubio or current Independent and recent Republication castoff Charlie Christ.

*Sarah Palin gets Owned*- Not much to say here. During a taping of her upcoming reality show were she shoots animals and talks about tax cuts, Sarah Palin is greeted by a not so happy “fan” who didn’t like that she quit her job as Alaska Governor. Check out the video below.


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