An Islamic Community Center with a little Mosque…

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Last week a vote was held and was passed 9-0 that the developers of an Islamic Community Center in NYC would be able to build a community center dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 9/11 attacks , a few blocks from Ground Zero that would promote peace between the Islamic culture and other religions. Many people in New York and across the country however are expressing their outrage over the planned site. Within the community center will be a Mosque, a small area where people of Islamic faith can come and pray. The outrage ranges from the fisable, saying that it is too soon to build anything related to the Islamic culture that close to the attack site , to the conservatively insane that it is a terrorist organization plotting their next attack within the community center. People seem to forget the fact that NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS. In fact, many people that died in that horrible tragedy on 9/11 were Islamic, and I don’t mean just the people flying the planes. If Christians had flown that plane would we stop churches from being built, or if it was a bunch of Jewish people would there be a rally to stop any temples from being built? The answer is simple, of course not. People need to understand that though I agree people might be weary and some what skeptical, the people wanting to build this center are doing it to create peace and have your average “everyday american” look at Muslims in way that doesn’t just preach or promote discrimination. Call me optimistic, but I find it flattering, as a New Yorker, that people are so embarrassed by others who share their faith, that they would want to create a place that people of all faiths came come together and be as one. As Americans, we need to try to separate our prejudices and realize that because some people share a common belief doesn’t make everyone the same. What happened on 9/11 was horrible, the worst terrorist attack on our countries history, but to blame people who just happened to believe the same religion, doesn’t make them terrorist as well.


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