The Mets…It’s the Same Ol’ Song

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

Well what seemed like something with potential, turned out to be just another Met melt down. Now I know it is only the end of July and we have 2 more months until the playoffs, but the writing is on the wall. If you can’t pitch, can’t hit and barley play defense you deserve to go from 11 games over .500 to only one game over. Johan Santana has come around and is pitching like his old self but now Mike Pelfrey is turning back into a disaster. R.A Dickey is still holding up with his amazing knuckleball but the bull pen can’t get the job done. Remember Jason Bay? Ya he is still around but are you scratching your head like I am wondering how he is cashing his checks? Jeff Francoeur can’t hit a ball if it was on a tee and how many more times am I going to see Jose Reyes hit an in field pop up. The Mets are a mess, they have tons of talent and potential but can never seem to put it all together at the right time. Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo are back but no one seems to care, and no one will care until they can put together a team that cares enough to compete from April to the end of October, that starts from the players on the field and the big bosses off the field.


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