Message to our President: Grow bigger balls please

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

I have been a big supporter of President Obama. Is he perfect? No. Has he done everything right? Nope. However, has he done a good job considering what was on his plate? Absolutely. Passing Health Care Reform that will make health care affordable for over 23 million Americans, financial reform that will tighten up the regulations on the banks and setting up an exit time for the awful war in Iraq. The problem lies in the good however. Health care is missing the important “Public Option”, Financial Reform still won’t completely end “Too Big Too Fail” and with the replacement of Gen. McCrystal with Patrais and now with these leaked Afghan papers (which are more a knock on the Bush years but still is war related) things still get under my skin. President Obama has to stop compromising so much with republications and stop listening to Fox News. I know people might laugh at that statement but it is true. If the Obama Administration would have looked deeper into the recent Shirley Sherrod story, which was brought upon by a conservative blog and blown out of proportion by Fox News, we wouldn’t be going through this entire mess right now. The conservatives do what ever they can, whether it is out right lies or facts that are twisted, to get under the skin of the President and too make him seem like he is something he is not. President Obama needs to stand up to them more instead of caving to try to appease them. Note to you Mr. President: You can not compromise with them! No matter what he does, they will find a way to complain. President Obama must come back to what got him to the dance. He is going away from some of his liberal ideas to please the republications and in turn is pissing off the base. President Obama has to be himself and not be what he thinks Fox News wants him to be. This November we will see elections across the country that will have very serious implications on the future of our country has the control of the house and senate hang in the balance. President Obama must stand up, take control of our country and be the leader that we voted for and only time will tell to see if it happens.


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