I finally have found out what scares me…

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

You know, deep down I really don’t get scared of much. I don’t like ladders or being up high unless I know i’m under something stable. The dark doesn’t scare me much, I love horror movies so you can’t get me there, not clowns or snakes, spiders or bugs. Nope, none of the token “scare tactics” get me. However, I do get scared. I get scared about what is around me, I look around where I live and I feel on guard, on the defensive, almost alone at times. I think it makes me stronger though, I’m forced to “man up” and be on the offensive. I’m not the type to check my opinion at the door, I won’t and never will be. I am very vocal and opinionated, I have a point and I make sure I get it out there. I back up what I say with facts, I make sure I do this so if someone tries to debate me or challenge what I say I know I can stand tall and prove my point. The last few days have been scary, really really scary. By now, you all know the story of Shirley Sherrod, the African American member of the USDA who spoke at a NAACP rally and the video that was than edited by a right wing website and than taken by Fox News and ran it into the ground. The White House than freaked out and the head of the USDA Tom Vilsack forced her to resign without doing his full homework. To his credit, Secretary Vilsack admitted he jumped the gun and apologized to Sherrod and offered her her job back, she is muling it over. What is scary, is that Fox News knew that this story wasn’t racist and was an edited hack job, and now that they ran this womans name into the ground they are now back peddling. They are saying that it’s all the White Houses fault for firing her, yet these are the people who caused the problem and now want to point fingers. The issue is bigger than this once incident however, with the rise of the Tea Party movement and the hate mongers at Fox News who out right LIE and DISTORT actual facts, I have finally found out what I am scared of. I have a vision of the country I want to live in, and I know I am not alone, it’s scary to know that the people who don’t share that vision have a louder voice. These people on the conservative right are moving even further to the right and a big part of the issue is race. I really thought we turned a corner when the country elected President Obama only 18 months ago but I was wrong. These “right wingers” are extreme and their ideas are extreme. They scream “socialism” and “communist” when speaking about the president and they don’t even know the definition of either of those terms. They freak out because President Obama is going to be giving us health care that people can afford and they hold signs comparing him to Hitler. Yes, that is what I think of when I think of Hitler, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust….Health Care. They also want to continue the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy which would add over $3 trillion dollars to the debt but complained about an extension of unemployment checks to middle and lower class americans who can’t find a job. You really can’t make this stuff up. Their love of guns and the 2nd amendment, their constant need to carry a weapon every where they go. WHY!? What is this need and over love of guns that they have to have them, and even bring them to political rallies. After what we’ve seen from Lincoln to JFK, how are these people actually able to do this. If you want to bring race into this, do you think a bunch of African Americans could bring guns to a rally for George Bush? No way, No How. What is interesting is that the same people who scream how much they hate the government and don’t want any of it, seem to really want the government when they can deny homosexuals from getting married and enjoying the benefits that come along with it, or if a woman gets pregnant and can’t take care of the baby, they sure want the government to make sure she has no choice and is stuck with out being able to decide for herself. Then of course you have your birthers who think the President was born in Kenya, but I won’t even bother talking about them. The right wing, empowered by the extreme conservative media in Fox News are literally lying and poisoning the minds of people that don’t know any better. If you are a rich businessman I understand how you can vote republication, or maybe you are an extreme religious fanatic and are too blind to see that their political ideology will actually hurt your way of life, so I guess that makes sense. The bottom line is that the liberals, the progressive movement…and hell…just people with common sense need to stand up and put these people in their place so we can let our President do his job without the constant backlash from people who have no idea what they are talking about. So there you have what scares me. Our great country, being taken over by extremist, with insane idea’s that will not only hurt and gut our country, but leave it in a condition that we might not be able to recover from. I’m scared my almost 3 year old son has to be surrounded by people of this thinking, whether its our neighbors, the liars who claim they are news on TV and all the way to the top of people who could end up running our country. He’s a good boy my son is, and he deserves leaders who preach equality, don’t pass judgement on people based on race or sexual preference and want everyone to be able to have a chance at being a success. If the republications, the Tea Party and the right wing get their way, our country will be scary not only to me, but to yourself as well.


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