Fox News and Right Wing website smear, edit and lie about a womans career

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Yesterday after a complete smear and editing job by a right-wing website and backed by none other than Fox News a woman is unjustly asked to resign. At a recent NACCP convention, Shirley Sherrod a member of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), gave a speech about an event that occurred 28 years ago. She was working in the south with black farmers when a white couple asked for her help in dealing with the financial situation with their farm. Sherrod made the comment that at first she was taken a back because she had never dealt with white people on this level before, and after dealing with the death of her father who was murdered by a klansman, she didn’t know if she could really help them. At first she held back and didn’t do all she could and than in the end realized it wasn’t about black and white and that people com first and that it was more about the rich and the poor and not about color. Unfortunately the right wing website and Fox News edited the video and presented it as a smear piece with Sherrod playing the evil black racist. They cut out all of the ending of video were Sherrod tells of her mistakes and makes her seem like she is something she is not. Later on the actual white couple from Sherrods story was interviews and praised Sherrod, saying that not only is she nothing close to a racist, but also that if it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have been able to keep their farm. Fox News is doing something so wrong that it is beyond the point of joking around. They have an agenda, they are NOT NEWS, they are nothing more than a conservative republication smear company who cater to the rich and pray on those who don’t know any better and can’t change the channel. People on the right use the term “evil main stream media” when talking about any news channel or outlet that isn’t Fox. The reason that news channels don’t report like Fox is because they base their stories on facts and are not in the business of twisting them around. Some channels like MSNBC do cater more towards the liberal/progressive points of view during their prime time line up, but the difference between the two is that while MSNBC backs ever single one of their stories with clear cut facts and logic, Fox takes those facts and edits them like they are reels of film on an editing board, cutting and pasting to fit the mind set of only right wing minded individuals. The USDA is looking into reconsidering their resignation of Sherrod after admitting they acted to quicking before the true story came out. Hopefully this is something that can be cleared up and maybe, just maybe will knock a little more sense into the people who take this kind of “news” from Fox so seriously.


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