What President Obama should focus on NOW…

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

So, it’s been nearly a year and a half, 18 months since President Obama defeated John McCain to become the next president of the United States. In that time President Obama has done a solid job, not great, but as good as you can do given what he walked into and the short amount of time he has had to work with everything not to mention consistent filibustering in congress. In his short time in office President Obama has been able to complete a health care overhaul with health care reform, unfortunately it is not as strong as he originally wanted. With the republication voting no on literally everything and along with a few corporate democrats (IE: Blanche Lincoln) many parts of the reform were either dumbed down or eliminated completely (IE: Public Option). However, there are many good things with the reform. It will offer affordable coverage to over 30 million Americans, enhance Medicaid for seniors and make sure people with pre-existing conditions an option and not left out in the cold. The big question is how will it get paid for. President Obama cut back taxes for all middle and lower class people but did slightly raise taxes on people making over $200,000 a year. Their taxes aren’t any higher than they were when President Clinton was in office when the country was flourishing, however the backlash is still loud and clear from the right. People making that much money should pay more in taxes, it’s very simple, you make more you pay more. A flat tax rate wouldn’t work and wouldn’t be fair. If for example the tax percentage was 30%, someone making $30,000 would be affected much more at that rate than someone who makes $300,000 a year. In any event, along with raising taxes SLIGHTLY on higher income people, taxes on things such as cigarettes and tanning beds will also go up adding to the funds for health care.
In addition to health care reform, we are just about to pass financial reform, to regulate the big banks and wall street to help prevent another financial melt down. However, as with health care reform, the filibustering as been strong and the bill is not nearly as strong as it needs to be, but is better than nothing and should help a good bit. The BP oil spill has definitely put a damper on his presidency, however, what would you do? It’s not like he is gonna pick up a shovel and start picking up oil. The well is so far down, it can’t be reached easily. The reason they were aloud to drill that deep is because of the lack of regulations put on, or not put on, by the republications. President Obama can hang is head on something though, he did put a order for BP to set aside $20 Billion dollars strictly for the oil spill clean up making sure it doesn’t come out of tax payer’s pockets. Of course, this was met with opposition as well. Republication congressman Joe Barton, in front of congress, actually apologized to BP for President Obama making them pay for their own clean up, saying it was government acting to big. You can’t make this stuff up.
These were just a few issues that have come up, but what holds ahead for the future. With very important mid-term elections coming up this Novemeber and with Senate and House seats hanging in the balance, this summer should prove to be very interging and interesting with all the campagning that will be going on. So, what does President Obama need to do or at least start doing to get people to support his agendent more than they currently do, so they will go and vote in the mid-terms.

1. Jobs, Job, Jobs- By the end of Bush administration were loosing jobs at an alarming rate each month, in his final month as Present, we lost 750,000 jobs. That wasn’t a typo, it’s the truth. The total number of jobs created under the Bush era was 2.5 million over an 8 year span, compared to 22 million under President Bill Clinton. Don’t be too shocked, by cutting taxes and mostly on the upper class, and going to war at the same time this country was in big trouble and it just got worse. However, in the last 18 months President Obama has had unemployment drop to 9.5%, still way to high but slowly coming down. Jobs are being created each month, with over 600,000 jobs created this year. The numbers are nice, but just coming along very slowly. People don’t have patience but they need to. President Obama needs to act quickly and get these numbers up by the end of the summer. Slow and steady is nice, but not when peoples jobs and lives are on the line not to mention a mid-term election.

2. Immigration- With Gov. Jane Brewers recent “Show me your papers” law in Arizona set to go in effect later this month, the country has gone immigrant crazy again. This topic is so touchy because it can cost you politically with the voters if you don’t play your cards right. There is a lot wrong with the law in Arizona, mainly the fact that if someone even looks “illegal” which i’m guessing just means Spanish, you can be approached by police and even have cops come into your house without a warrant and if you don’t have all the papers showing you status, you will be arrested on the spot. Imagine your a Spanish person who was born here and went out for a jog. A cop stops you and you don’t happen to have your birth certificate, you will be cuffed and off to jail you go. I do give credit to Arizona though, they have a major immigration problem and they addressed it, and it took this massive and increadible conservatvie bill to get people’s attention. Now I have been vocal about immigratin before and support reform, you can read my views here but I don’t like how it is being handled. It needs to be done on a national level, you can’t have each state with it’s own laws, it is too confusing and can lead to major issues. President Obama has actually put more troops on the border than Bush ever did in his 8 years, so why all the back lash from conservatives? It’s only because Obama is Obama. To republications he can’t do anything right even when the right answer is right in front of them. President Obama needs to push for immigration reform, maybe not have everything passed in congress obviously, but at least get something on the table with bi-partisan support that can appeal to a national base.

3. Climate & Energy- With the awful BP oil spill in the Gulf, it is more than obvious to anyone with even half of a brain that we must stop our dependence on foreign oil and stop drilling. We can’t continue to drill in our waters, destroying the environment especially when there is no plan to clean up such a mistake like in the gulf. We spend billions of dollars on oil, sending it to our enemies over seas, lining their pockets with money, and you can only guess what they might spend it on. By setting up limited, heavily regulated drilling now, and using more money to invest in renewable sources of energy (IE: Solar, Wind, Rain etc.) we can wean of oil like a smoker weans of cigarettes. We’re addicted to oil and it must stop. It’s mind boggling how many conservatives out there, whether its the rich business man, the religious nut or gun totting nuts actually deny the effects of Global Warming and many actually believe it doesn’t exist, like it’s some kind of liberal conspiracy by Al Gore or something. I don’t have time for these extreme right wing nuts and neither should President Obama.

In conclusion:
These three points are the three top issues President Obama needs to address and at least get the ball rolling over the next few months, if he can do this it can be a very solid November for Democrats, if not than the Republications will win back even more seats and make things even harder on the President. It is obvious what the republications are trying to do and a conversation pretty much goes like this.

Republication: Obama said he was gonna change things, where’s the change?

Person of Common Sense: Well, it’s only been a year and half, so far he has passed Health care Reform, Financial reform, cut back taxes for being that got screwed during the Bush tax “cuts”…should I keep going?

Republication: Well his Health Care Reform is socialism, I don’t want that health care, it’s gonna be crap like Canada.

Person of Common Sense: If you have health insurance you can keep it and your premiums won’t go up, also you parents will love it because it expands their insurance with Medicaid.

Republication: Well, It’s gonna raise my taxes

Person of Common Sense: Do you make more than $200,000 a year?

Republication: No, I make around $40,000 a year.

Person of Common Sense: Your taxes won’t go up at all, actually if you look at your tax form from this past year you got a tax credit back as well, it was called the “Work for Pay” Credit.

Republication: Well, financial reform is bad, it doesn’t let banks do what they work for.

Person of Common Sense: You mean like gamble with people’s money like they did in the past and caused one of the biggest financial breakdowns in US history?

Republication: Well, Obama said all this stuff that he was gonna do, and when you look at the bill most of it isn’t even there.

Person of Common Sense: Oh, you mean like the Public Option for Health Care. That’s because all the republications vote no on everything and President Obama is forced to dumb down his bills to compromise with them.

Republication: Well, I don’t know about that, but it’s socialism, look at how he is making BP put their own money aside to pay for the spill.

Person of Common Sense: Oh, so basically making the person who caused the problem be responsible instead of getting away with and making everyone else pay?

Republication: Yes, he is interfering with true capitalism.

Well, you get the point here. Obama needs get people back to work and get things reformed. Plain and simple. It’s not socialism, it’s capitalism with proper restrictions and regulations. Holding people accountable for their actions and making sure the citizens of our country are taken care of.


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