Lebron to South Beach…Time for NY to move on

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

With LeBron headed to stay in Dwayne Wade’s guest room with the Miami Heat (yes, it’s Wade’s team, he is the one with the ring remember) the Knicks have to sleep it off and move on. In news flying under the radar, the Knicks and Warriors completed a sign and trade with David Lee heading to Golden State and in return New York gets young and very talented big man in Anthony Randolph, who gets compared to Kevin Durant, as well as solid shooting guard Kelenna Azubuik and nearly 7 foot Ronny Turiaf. The Knicks have super star Amare’ Stoudemire and some other nice pieces along with him. With the roster how it is the Knicks have over 10 million still left in cap room. They NEED a point guard who can run Mike D’Antoni’s fast pace system. Rumors of Raymond Felton and Luke Ridnour seem possible and would work well, a sign and trade is unlikely for Tony Parker and veterans like Jason Williams could also be something to think about it. The Knicks should also look for a Center to compliment Stoudemire. I wouldn’t trust Eddy Curry if my life depended on it and the only thing good about him is the $11 million that comes off the cap next year. Brad Miller could be someone the Knicks think about, he is a solid veteran who still has gas in the tank who can bang down low and help them out a lot. One other thing to keep in mind, Star Power. The Knicks had the money to get 2 max contracts, that is 2 big names. At this point, the option of getting a star name at a lower cost should be thought of. Bringing back Tracy McGrady at the veterans minimum should be something they seriously look at, McGrady has been hampered by injuries but with the players they have at that position, asking McGrady to play 20-25 minutes a game, get 10-15 points and bring some energy and his name with him, it could work out well. The bottom line is that this is a disappointment, a big one, but the basketball world should not blow up for the Knicks. They have some good pieces to work with, money this year and even more next year to build this team. In the end, could it really get any worse than the last 10 years? Absolutely not.

  1. Robert Sobel says:

    Yes,they have some pieces,and with another move or two of your afformentioned possibilities,a competitive team is possible.The question is,would you be satisfied with just a competitive effort,but still the same old results????

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