Republications raising Social Security and stop with this Illegal nonsense, they don’t get benefits!

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Early today House Minority Leader John Boehner , Republication of Ohio, says the United States should raise the Social Security Retirement Age to 70 and limit benefits based on need. Can republications just stop, now they want to raise the social security age. I suppose it isn’t as bad as Republication favorite, Sharron Angle and her Idea to abolish social security, but it is still pretty bad. I have talked to a few people and read responses from conservatives and please, please let me set the record straight really quickly. Illegal Immigrants DON’T get social security benefits, they WON’T get health care under the proposed bill, they DON’T get unemployment benefits and they DON’T get a tax rebate or tax credit. The “wonderful” folks over at fox news and the rest of the conservative media always through it out there that democrats and liberals in general only care about illegal immigrants and that is insane. Democrats and liberals, don’t want people here illegal, but they do want to provide a fair path to citizenship. People that do get these benefits are illegals who became legal and are now citizens, key word…CITIZEN! If there are any illegal aliens who are receiving any of these benefits, it is strictly because of fraud and a way that they worked around the system. How could this happen? It’s easy, Instead of blaming Democrats for trying to offer people a legal way to get here, maybe they should point fingers at their republication friends who hire the illegals and manipulate the paper work so they can save even more of their money under the table while at the same time scream about “tightening the boarders”


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