Thoughts on Unemployment Benefits…

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Just a note: Unemployment benefits are paid by the employers through taxes issues from the government not by random individual people. By not supporting congress to extend the unemployment benefits for people who were laid off, all you are doing is supporting the big companies by letting them continue to line there pockets instead of the American worker. MOST people don’t want to live off of a government check, most people don’t. This conservative ideology that the majority of American workers who collect an unemployment check just sit on their ass all day and are happy about, is idiotic. The average unemployment check is roughly about 50% of what you have been making. No one, especially in today’s economy, can be comfortable with living off of half of what they have been making. In many instances you have to apply for an unemployment check on a weekly basic and prove you have been out looking for a job among other things. The bottom line is that in the world we live in, job’s are hard to find, things are starting to get back on track, but it is going to take time. We need to help people who need help to stay afloat, the majority who are out looking for job’s on a daily basis to pay and support their family. Big businesses are doing fine, at least much better than the guy collecting unemployment, and we need look out for the everyday man, not the guys with big bank accounts.


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