Republications hold down unemployed workers even more

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

On Thursday, Congress voted on a bill that would have extended unemployment benefits for over a million Americans out of work. The bill would have provided $16 billion in new aide to states and helped local and state workers stay a float. Everything sounds good right? How can anyone vote against helping workers in this country? The answer is easy, just be a republication. The bill was voted down 57-41 in favor of the bill, but fell 3 votes shy of breaking the republications filibuster. 1.2 million will be without benefits this month, and this bill would have provided them with a much needed lift. Once again however, the republications do whatever they can, no matter the cause, to just reinforce the fact that they are truly the “Party of NO”. I walk outside everyday living in Central Florida, where from what I see, is full of conservative republication, at least for the most part. I struggle with dealing with these people when it comes to issues like this on a daily basis, I often am outnumbered in discussions and debates but in a way I think that might be a good thing. I get on a mission to find out real facts, I hunt them down to back up anything thing I might say. What I vote for and support is what works for me and what I think the country would benefit from the best. I am enough in the political center to know that voting for democrats on issues might not work for people when it comes to certain things. You might have a certain stand u take on moral issues or something to that effect, but when it comes to helping out people who have been layed off and can’t find a job, and in turn will help stimulate the economy, there is no other way to vote than yes. Of course if your a member of the republication party, the only vote to make, is no.


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