Tea Party Conservative Sharron Angle says American’s are Lazy

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Tea Party queen bee and everyone’s favorite right wing nut job, Sharron Angle, is digging herself an even deeper grave. A new ad has come out after Sharron Angle stated in an interview that Americans are lazy and would rather collect unemployment than go out to find a job. Ya Sharron, I would rather collect a 50% paycheck from the government than have a full time paying honest job. In throwing more fuel into the fire, she said if elected it won’t be her responsibility to create jobs as a Senator. Sharron Angle on one hand is totally contradicting herself. Her opponent, Democratic Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has been criticized by Angle for the lack of Jobs in Nevada, about 14% in State, above the national average of about 9.9%. So on one hand Angle is on Reid’s case for lack of Jobs, but than turns around and says she won’t create jobs if she is elected because it’s not her job? What? That makes no sense at all, and on top of that, criticizing people for not wanting to work? Is she serious? I can guarantee you that you can walk up to anyone who is unemployed and they would jump for joy if they had a chance to work. The unemployment check that Angle think’s people are enjoying are not that big. If I am making a certain amount in an unemployment check and the job I want is actually offering less, I would question what that job is and what is going on there. No job should offer you a position that pays you less than your unemployment check, however most Jobs will not be like this and with the stability of knowing you can wake up everyday and go to work, is a sign of things turning around for you. Americans that are unemployed are dying to go back to work, and the one’s who are employed are dreading a day that they fall into those shoes. We are not lazy, we want to work, as Americans, we want to provide for ourself and our families. For someone to criticize Americans for being lazy is, to say the least, Un-American.

  1. Dori says:

    Um……..first of all, unemployment is a benefit that ALL legal workers pay for with per-paycheck unemployment INSURANCE deductions. What this wingnut is suggesting is akin to saying that if you have car accident and your car is totalled, you should NOT collect the benefit (that you paid for via your insurance payments) – that you should forego the insurance money and go out and get a beater. And I don’t even have time to get into the stupidity of her statement regarding creating jobs…….have to go to work now – lazy American that I am!

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