Bristol Palin’s acting is as bad as her mother.

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, Political Commentary, The Blog!

Next Monday on ABC Families hit show and my wife’s newest favorite “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”, Bristol Palin will play a…get this…a teenager who was knocked up and decided to keep her baby and now promotes abstinence and being pro-life. I guess you can’t say she is acting as much as it’s just her being herself. However, if she isn’t acting and just being Bristol, that she is pretty darn bad at being herself. Bristol is trying to use her mothers “fame” and get a career going, she shouldn’t quit her day job as the knocked up daughter of a psychopath. I think she should go on Law and Order: SVU and play a teen who has unprotected sex and decides that at her age and at the point in her life she can’t handle a baby, decides to have an abortion and go on with her life so she can finish school, get a job and create a foundation for herself so she could provide for a baby in the future in a secure way. I don’t think that would happen, that is too far from the truth. Below is the link to the video of her appearance…


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