Fed’s Planning to sue over Arizona’s “Show me your papers law”

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Everyone knows the infamous and prejudice immigration law that was put on the table by republication Arizona governor Jan Brewer. In a way to restore their immigration issue, the new law would give police the ability to arrest anyone who might look like an illegal, opening the doors wide open for racial profiling in this country. The law has been backed by a big portion of the country, how I have no idea, but there is a big backlash from others including President Obama and his administration. The law is set to go in effect on July 29th, but the Obama administration is planning on putting a federal lawsuit again the law because of it’s unfair and radical approach at immigration and violation of civil rights. With all on his shoulders, President Obama is still looking at Immigration Reform in this country. We have health care passed and financial reform as well, both are not what they should be because of the tinkers and tweaks that were made to appease the conservatives in order to get the bill passed. If immigration reform is to pass, unfortunately I believe it will pass with cracks in it because of yet another republication backlash. Only time will tell, but hopefully this Arizona Law will go down in court like it should.


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