Republications Michele Bachmann & Rep. Joe Barton back BP?

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

On the heels of President Obama’s announcement that BP will be creating a special account worth $20 billion that will be sent to clean up along the Gulf of Mexico and to the businesses that will be without work, Republication Rep’s Joe Barton and Michelle Bachmann have so how, backed BP. Bachmann has called the $20 Billion fund that will be going to the BP a “redistribution of wealth” and unfair to the giant oil company BP and Joe Barton has said he thinks that cracking down on BP and forcing them to pay for the giant spill that they are responsible for is going to far. So basically what we have here, is President Obama somehow getting BP to agree to a huge amount of money that cause BP to be responsible instead of the tax payers, and in turn, the republications do what they do best and do a complete 180 on the President. The republications can’t stomach the President doing anything well that they would actually side with the giant business over the poor people along the Gulf. Wait a minute, should we be surprises? The republications side with big business all the time. Ask your self this question, when have the republications ever talked about doing what is best for the middle class? Even when they scream about lower taxes, it is never middle class lower taxes it is big business and upper class tax cuts and spewing out the promise of “supply side economics” effectually known as the “trickle down effect”. The big time upper class republications will also side with big business, and the lower class republications will follow them at their word because they don’t know any better. Just another example of the tired and old politics of the right wing.


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