“The Rise of the New Right” and my added thoughts…

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, Political Commentary, The Blog!

“Theres a rising tide on the right”. Those are the words that start us off in the preview for the documentary. Tonight on MSNBC, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews took us inside the the powerful and ever growing movement of the new conservative right. It is a riveting and overwhelmingly scary look into the extreme right wing movement in our country. The Tea Party movement is growing and to quote Republication Senate Nominee Rand Paul, they are coming “too take our country back”. The question I ask is from who? The Tea Party and the conservative right in this country have made their message clear. No government, less regulation, no taxes, less gun laws, forcing religious beliefs on people who don’t share them etc. These people are, to say the least, extreme.

They are against the Health Care Reform, because they claim that their taxes will be raised, that they will be forced to choose a government run health care system, that people who don’t work will get health care from there tax dollars, that illegal immigrants will receive free health care and that the bill will create “death panels”. Everyone of these, EVERYONE, is false. 100% completely and totally false. The majority of the people at these Tea Party rallies are “middle class” people. There taxes didn’t get raised, they actually got a tax cut. People who made over $250,000 had there taxes raised, these same people who received the majority of the cuts during the Bush Tax cuts, will just be giving back what they shouldn’t have been given in the first place. Those taxes, in addition to other tax hikes (IE: cigarettes and tanning bed tax) will go towards paying for the health care. OK, next…being forced to choose government health care. Another lie. In the bill the government will provide people will affordable health care for all Americans. However, if you currently have health care, either through your employer or through a private company, you will be able to keep your insurance at the same rate that you pay now. What the bill creates is just a way for people who don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare to be able go to the doctor when they need to. The far right also says that people who don’t work and illegal immigrants will get “free” health care. The health care is not free. It will just be more affordable, and those making less than 4 times the poverty level ($11,000 x 4 = $44,000) be qualify for government assistants similar to what people get through financial aide for school. Lastly, lets stop with the illegals getting health care, only LEGAL citizens will be getting health care and that is the end of that.

Health care is not the only issue covered in the documentary. One of the scariest parts of the show had a woman claiming that President Obama wasn’t born in the US and not a legal citizen, and that Muslims were taking over the country and that he wasn’t a Christian. First of all, President Obama has all paper work showing he was born in Hawaii, last I checked Hawaii was a legal state. Second of all, not all Muslims are terrorist, just like not all Mexicans mow lawns and not all African Americans steal. President Obama has showed he is a Christian, he is just not a man who will force his beliefs on other people. His faith has been documented but he keeps it private, just like it should be. The right wing is often very religious, and like I have discussed before, they are religious to a very major fault. They want to force their beliefs onto people that don’t see things the way they do. They want abortion illegal because it violates what is in the bible. A book that can easily be disputed by people who think sensibility, or really just think at all. They plead that homosexuals can not be married because it is against god, they also claim that being gay is a defect. The religious right pass judgement on people they don’t even know because of the lifestyle they live. They want government out of their lives, but want the bible in everyone’s. I wanna make things clear, I don’t have a problem with people who have faith. I might not agree with it personally, but I don’t have a problem with it. It is when people rally together and force these beliefs, which should be private, into the public. By entering their religion into the government, it is a clear violation of Separation of Church and State. You can read any religious book you like, pray as often as you want, thought I don’t agree with those beliefs if done in private there is nothing wrong with it.

There are other issues touched on in the documentary, interviews with officials and conservative talk show host, Alex Jones, but the message is all the same. The right in this country is going even further to the right. We see members of conservative militias toting their guns at rallies, threating an uprising and revolt against the government. These people are brainwashed by the far right media, the preachers who preach that if you don’t follow their “good book” you are the enemy, and by people who are looking out for their own political agenda and using the easily manipulated minority and turning it slowly into a majority. The right in this country will do whatever they can to force a backlash against our president. They will vote no on anything he proposes even if it is obvious that it benefits them. It is taboo to talk about President Obama being African American, but the truth is that people do have a problem with him being African American, and knowing they can’t use that as an excuse they twist facts around to create a reason for a revolt. They use terms like “socialist” , “communist” and “Nazi”. All these terms are extreme, and an extreme exaggeration of what the president is trying to do. President Obama doesn’t want the government to take over the country, he simply wants the the government to regulate bigger businesses to level the playing field with the workers help out people who are in need. “The Rise of the New Right” is a tremendous look inside the real world of the conservatives in this country. From far right to farther right, it is a scary thought to imagine any of these people becoming in charge of our country. All we can do is get out and vote and hope that a more liberal and progressive voice can continue to lead the way and hope that some on the right can move to the center.

  1. Bobby says:

    Very nice and thorough review. After watching this and many others and my own research that I have done I find myself almost ashamed to say I fought for this country. This is not what I fought for and this is not what my brothers and sisters died for. I can promise one thing, if these extremists start a coup d’état then I will use every bit of my military training to do everything possible to stop them because I swore an oath to defend this country against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. These terrorists-in-training must be stopped, I only hope it dosen’t come down to what it’s heading towards right now.

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