President Obama puts his foot down on BP!

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

One day following his Oval Office Speech that received mix reviews, President Obama cracked down hard on BP putting them in a position to do anything but be irresponsible. The night before, President Obama addressed the nation in what many thought would be a hard hitting speech that would tell us everything we needed and wanted to know. However, while the speech was solid, we still had many questions. Today, those questions were not just answered but in addition, many others as well. A few examples of these answers are forcing BP to setup a special account were they put $20 billion dollars that will go directly towards the clean up along the Gulf Coast. It is important to note that if the cost goes over $20 billion, BP will still be responsible as there with be no cap making BP 100% responsible for their actions. Also, an additional $100 million will be set aside for the workers on the oil rigs. Since the oil spill, President Obama has stopped offshore drilling for the next 6 months until we can figure out what went wrong in the Gulf. In the mean time these workers will be out of works, so the $100 million that is being set aside will go to those workers making up for the lack of work they will have. Something else that has caught my eye lately is all of these people getting sick. Many of these volunteers and people helping with the clean up have been getting sick due to the exposure of the oil, BP will also be putting aside $500 million dollars that will be used over the next 10 years on people that have been sick due to the oil. People like to blame President Obama for anything and everything nowadays, it’s like the new fade, revolt against the President and the government. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, you can’t deny that what the President is doing is not only the right thing to do, but also the responsible thing. There will be people that twist and turn this around and blame him more and more, but those people on the right will never be pleased, they will tote their guns around and scream “tyranny, tyranny” and look worse and worse with every chant.


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