The Wild Weekend Sports Round-Up- 6/11/2010

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

Week-End Sports Fever! This past week (and change) has been really wild…Let’s look below at some of the top sports stories going on.

World Cup Fever: Wow, I have never seen soccer take the US by storm like this. Personally, I’m not really into it. I’ll watch the US play since I work in a restaurant that caters towards sports and because I am a sports fan in general but besides that it’s not really my thing. However, there is no arguing the fact that the World Cup is a big deal everywhere else. Will take a close look after the up coming weekend and a review of the US/England game.

Chicago Blackhawks ends drought: The Blackhawks ended their 49 year long Stanley Cup drought this week defeating the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in OT in 6 games. It was a back and forth exciting series as the Flyers tried to becomes a 7th seed upsetting the favorites. In the end, in an awkward ending , Patrick Kane was able to poke in the game and series winner. Both teams should be proud of them selfs as it was an entertaining and hard hitting Stanley Cup Finals. Marian Hossa, who played and lost in the last 2 Cup Finals, was finally able to list the Curse of Hossa and life up the Cup. On to next, cross your fingers for my Islanders to make the Playoffs.

NBA Finals Heat Up: As we stand now, it is 2-2 and we enter game 5 this weekend. So far, the Lakers and Celtics have split games in LA and Boston, and we have a game 5 in Boston and games 6 & 7 will be in LA. The Boston starters have played well in spirits but it has been their bench that has provided the much needed energy and spark that has helped ignite this team and help them tie the series. On the LA side, Kobe is amazing and Gasol and Fisher have played well, but were the Lakers are really hurting is the fact that their center Andrew Bynum can’t stay healthy. He plays 10-15 minutes a game and once he starts to get things going he has to come out. Glenn “Big Baby” Davis is grabbing all the loose balls down low, and even though he blows a million lay ups a game, he is still able to muscle his 6’8 frame inside and beat the Lakers to the ball. I still think the Lakers will pull this one off in 7, but if the Celtics can get the game 5 win at home and carry their momentum to LA, we might have a different ending to this story.

Mets Hot Streak: The NY Mets are Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to playing on the road and at home. At home, the Mets have the best record in baseball, 24-10. On the road however, 8-18. Ouch. The Mets have been playing better however and getting good work from their starting pitching from Pelfrey, knuckleballer R.A Dickey and a big game by Johnathan Niese pitching a complete game no hitter against San Diego. The last time a Met pitched a complete game no hitter, April 15th, 2005 by Aaron Heilman, yours truly was at the game. Well keep and eye on the Mets who hit the road tonight to start off inter-league play, they are lucky however, they play the last place Baltimore Orioles.


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