Nevada Senate Race: Sharron Angle and the Tea Baggers are awful!

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Republication nominee and Tea Party Crazy Sharron Angle is already looking like a looney tune. Sharron Angle is trying to rip into her Democratic opponent Harry Reid, but she leaves her self open for so much. Like most republications, she doesn’t even know what she stands for. She wants to end social security and Medicaid and is now almost running away since former President Clinton called her out on it during a rally for Harry Reid this week. The Tea Party movement really scares me. They are almost all low rent conservatives. It seems like the Republication party is split into two sections. You have your rich business men (big banks and big oil etc) than you have the Tea Party movement who are you lower class people who are too stupid to realize they actually got a tax cut under President Obama. They think someone is going to knock on their door and steal their gun that they use to kill innocent wildlife at the same time claiming that we should love all of god’s creations. Not to mention taking choice away from woman and wanting to ban abortion, but of course if the baby ended up being gay, than that is a different story. Tea Party members should be brushed off and not taken seriously in the sense that they might say something intelligent, but by getting enough of them together it could prove very dangerous by the time the November election comes. Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin and these other extremist are VERY BAD for this country, they have tunnel vision and only see a blind light that will gut our county from the inside out. If you are reading this, go out and vote in November. If you are not registered go out, register democrat and vote to the left before psycho’s like Angle, Paul and Palin destroy this country.


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