John Mccain and Snooki?

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, Political Commentary, The Blog!

Apparently “Jersey Shore” cast member and no talent, Snooki tweeted about her anger on President Obama raising the tanning bed tax. In response, John McCain as been tweeting back with Snooki supporting her anger. This is so retarded, it’s the only word to describe it. John McCain has to know one thing, no matter what new MTV like star is hot for the current 15 minutes, tweeting her doesn’t make you any “cooler” or any younger. You’re still a flip flopping conservative who totally bailed on the immigration plan once Ted Kennedy died and you are still a moron for picking Sarah “I force my religion on you” Palin for your VP position killing your chances even more. You will always be respected for being a veteran of war, but that is it, now GO AWAY!


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