Charlie Christ and the Florida Abortion Bill

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Florida Gov. Charlie Christ vetoed a bill today that would have required all woman in their first trimester to purchase a ultrasound, costing between $750-$1,000, and look at the video unless she can prove she was a victim of rape, domestic violence or insist. Christ, a long time republication, will not be running again in November for Florida’s Governor, but instead will run for the senate. However, since Christ broke the big republication rule of siding with President Obama during the financial reform, the republication party has forced Christ to run as an independent and giving the GOP nod to conservative right winger Marco Rubio. Christ is a conservative, but too moderate for the republications. Christ has a strong Pro-Life/Anti-Choice past and the likely hood of him vetoing this bill is a political move to garner more democratic and liberal votes come the November elections. Christ is nowhere near as bad a Rubio, a super right wing tea bagger, but the man to go for in this race is without a doubt, Kendrick Meeks. Meeks will be running against Jeff Green in the Democratic Primary in August. Green is a self made billionaire with no political past. The little I have read about Green isn’t all bad, however the experience that Meeks brings to the table is important, and in the end I would rather give my trust to an “everyday” man as opposed to a billionaire.


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