Lincoln vs Halter

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Today is election day in Arkansas. The democrats will have a run off to decide who will represent the democrats in the senate race in November. Incombent Blanche Lincoln or Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Lincoln is getting a major endorsement by former president and Arkansas favorite, Bill Clinton, however a lot of liberals/progressives are trying to force her out. She has definitely been more of a moderate conservative on certain key issues, including the public option in health care, the Employee Free Choice act as well as some issues when it comes to banks and wall street. Due to her opposition on the Employee Free Choice Act, Unions have had a backlash against Lincoln and overwhelming putting their support towards Halter. Lt. Gov Bill Halter is getting all of the backing from the progressive movement. Halter has made stronger stands on health care, jobs etc. that would benefit the average american. Lincoln had the edge last month in the primaries, but she didn’t have the necessary amount of votes to win outright. I really think, and hope, that Halter can get this win. This country, though making progress, is still suffering from the 8 damage years of the Bush administration. President Obama has done a solid job, but their are just so many issues that you can not believe that he can have all of these issues taken care of within a year and 5 months. We need to put the government in the hands of people who are progressive and will take care of us. The republications don’t want big government and it is because they are afraid of regulation. They don’t want any of the benefits that are geared solely towards the rich, the big CEO’s of the company, to be taken away. The extreme side of the conservatives, the religious nuts, tea party morons and red neck hunters, unfortunately are too blind to see what is good for this country that they will let their personal beliefs dictate the course of the country they live in. Worst comes to worse, Lincoln wins. She is still a democrat but just to conservative on certain issues to help put this country back were it belongs. Only time will tell.


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