Political Catch-Up

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Well it’s been a few days since the last update so let’s play catch up.

*It looks like BP is trying something new, again, at capping this awful oil ridge down in the Gulf. It’s amazing how no one can figure this out. You would think this problem would be taken care of by now, but that isn’t to be. The right wingers of course are blaming the president and are screaming for more government take over. Ya, you heard that right, the republications want more government control on the issue of this spill. It’s amazing that they finally want government control on something because they need to find a way to blame President Obama. This is BP’s spill, this is BP’s mess and this is BP’s responsibility. The government should be the one’s who are there making sure they put there boot on BP’s ass making sure they take care of what needs to be done. From the cost of capping the hole, to the environmental cleanup to the families and small businesses who will be without money to provide for their families. President Obama just made his third trip to Louisiana to survey the the damage and lend support to the people who need it the most. Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, had tried to minimize the spill, saying that the spill isn’t too big in contrast to the size of the ocean. This is the same guy who tried to pass the blame onto everyone and anyone he could and this week spent millions on TV ads trying to defend BP and make them look for sympathetic. To President Obama’s credit, he called out Hayward and BP by saying that the money that was spent on TV aids, should have been put into the clean up. This issue looks like it will get worse before it gets better, and it is just a shame that there isn’t anything the government can do. They don’t have the equipment to handle this, BP and the pil companies are suppose to. It is obvious that they don’t and that in the long run there needs to be much more regulation and reform for big oil companies and people alike. We are so dependent of oil in this country it is scary. Only time will tell how this mess ends up but I like our chances with the guy on top.

* Last week Israeli naval forces took over an Irish Gaza-bound aid vessel which was carrying humanitarian aid and international activists and was due to dock at Gaza City’s fishermen marina. They forced the 15 passengers out and to sail away from their destination. 9 Civilians were dead including a 19 year old american citizen of Turkish decent. I know we are suppose to be helping Israel and be a friend, but personal I think all these religious wacko’s are incredibly nuts. They all hate each other and American gets put in the middle because we try to police the world. It’s a little late to just back out of all of our foreign affairs, but we need to get out heads on straight and set this situation right.

* It looks like everyone favorite gay hating but really gay preacher, the Rev. Ted Haggard, is opening up a new church. Haggard was condemned in 2006 when he was caught with a gay prostitute. It’s just so crazy that so many ministers and preachers talk about how being a homosexual is a defect sent from the devil and than in their spare time they are doing the same thing. Gay’s apparently will be welcome in this new church, but don’t go crazy, he still thinks it’s wrong and will refuse to marry them. Unbelievable.


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