The Disaster of the BP Oil Spill…

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

It has been nearly 40 days since the horrible oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico and we are still all scratching our heads wondering why this giant hole over a mile deep in the ocean has not been taking care of. BP, British Petroleum, are apparently doing what ever they can to get this done while being supervised by the Obama Administration. This issue, unfortunately is BP’s problem. I think there has been unfair criticism of the Obama Administration because they don’t have the technology to handle this situation like a giant oil company like BP does. A lot of the right wingers in this country are blaming President Obama for this and actually comparing this situation to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. There is a big difference between the two situations because unlike the oil spill, Katrina was done by mother nature so there isn’t any fingers to point, nature will happen and the government needs to step in to to help. In the case with the BP oil spill, there is a very clear place to point that finger, and that is directly in the direction of BP. President Obama and his staff are doing whatever they can to get this hole capped and to stop the record breaking oil spill. Personally, I don’t think President Obama is being harsh enough on BP, he is pushing them but does need to push harder. The president has also banned several off shore drilling projects up to as long as one year. This is a start but why not halt them until further notice or even permanently. I know there needs to be some drilling but why even think about that now? President Obama has the right ideas but he needs to be more forceful in his actions and not worry so much about pleasing certain people. Obama needs to stop hanging out in the center on this issue and lean back to the left, because if it was up the right in this country nothing would be getting done. The big bad voice of the right, Rush Limbaugh, had the nerve to say that the ocean will take care of it’s self. Rand Paul, the voice of the Tea Party Movement of the conservatives, said that “Accidents just happen” and Sarah Palin wants to just keep on drilling. Obama needs to get of the fence, lean back left and finish this problem off while putting all of the economic responsibility on BP and move on.


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