The Wild Weekend Sports Round-Up

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

Weekend Round-Up:

NBA Eastern Conference Finals:
Living in Orlando I hear it from the Magic fans all the time. Personally, I’m a Knick fan and don’t really care much about any other team, in the case my team isn’t in it, I’ll cheer for a team if there is a particular player on the team I like. However, with the outrages cockiness I hear on a daily basis from the fans of the Magic, I can’t help but relish in the demise of this team. The Magic swept a young team in the Charlotte Bobcats and than in the semi-finals swept an Atlanta Hawks teams that looked like they didn’t even wanna be there. The Boston Celtics limped there way into the playoffs looking there age and many critics, including myself, saying there time had passed to be a championship team. I thought the Magic in 6 was a likely occurrence but after seeing the past 3 games, were the Magic as a team and individually look lost. I was shocked at game 3, were the Magic looked like a team with no guts and no heart, they looked like a bunch of losers who could care less. Rashard Lewis can’t hit a shot and showed by he is heavily over paid, Vince Carter is proving he can’t produce in the clutch and when his jump shot isn’t falling he doesn’t have the legs anymore to get the basketball on a consistent basis. Jamier Nelson is fine and J. J Redick has hit a few shots but the main man on the team, Dwight Howard, is just not producing. Dwight Howard is a great, not good, but great defensive player. The thing is that he is an awful offensive player. I know what your thinking…he scores 20 points a game how can he be bad? Because those points come off of dunks or a baby hook shot that was lucky to go in since it is so ugly looking. He as no jump shot, no lost post move, no fade away, can’t hit a free throw, is a foul machine and COMPLAINS SO MUCH when something doesn’t go his way. Dwight Howard is loved here in Orlando and go the nick name “Super Man” in the Dunk Contest, but he won’t be getting any love from me since you make your real name in the playoffs and when it counts. The Magic needed to win game 4 in Boston, and instead played like a team that was mailing it in, I know I sound harsh but they should be ashamed of them selfs. It was a pathetic performance and even though the fans can be a bit obnoxious even they do no deserve to have to watch this team again this year. Game 4 will be as follows. Game.Set.Match.Boston in the NBA Finals.

Other News:

LA Lakers vs Phoenix Suns: This series isn’t as much fun to poke at as the Orlando/Boston series because you have 2 teams who are good and are playing that way. The Lakers are better and won their both home games and the Suns did what good teams do and played with desperation and won the 3rd game on their own court. I think the Suns will get another game here but look for the Lakers to win in 6 and advance to face Boston in a classic NBA finals rematch.

Sub Way Series: YAY! My struggling Mets finally redeeming us fans from our suffering and win the Sub way series 2 games to one. Any time you can beat the Yankees it is always fun especially at a time were attendance has been down and the team has been struggling. Jason Bay had a big break out game and Mike Pelfrey is making a case for being a legit number 2 starter. If the Mets can somehow land Roy Oswalt or Cliff Lee and Carlos Beltran can return and be somewhat productive they might have a shot at the wildcard. As far as the Yankees go, don’t worry they always seem to by there a the end and I don’t expect anything different.

San Jose sinks again: Can the sharks ever not choke? San Jose was swept out of the play offs by the surging Chicago Blackhawks to end another tough Shark season. They are always so solid in the regular season but than end on such a bad note. Chicago is now awaiting the winner of the exciting Flyer/Canadian series to cap off an exciting and unexpected NHL Season.

*Frenchy!: Watch out for some fun match ups at the French Open this week, will we finally see Federer and Nadal meet again in the French Finals?

*See Ya! The Cavs apparently have had enough of Mike Brown’s inept playoff coaching and have given him the axe. Look for them to pretty much let Lebron James pick the coach if he decides to come back.

*R.I.P Jose Lima:the Dominican born pitched was found dead at the age of 37. He was pretty solid throughout his career and even won 21 games in 1999 for the Houston Astros and made the All-Star team. I remember watching Lima’s great enthusiasm during his time playing for the Dodgers in the play offs against St. Louis.

*I’ll Be Back, I’m sure you will: Bret Farve has surgery done to repair his shoulder. The surgery was necessary if he was planning on returning to Minnesota this year. No announcement has been made as far as a return is concerned but i’d pretty much bank on retuning.

Till next week…Blog It!


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