Chris Dodd: Stop the crap and man up!

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

I’m a liberal. A lefty, a progressive, a democrat, whatever. I have been known to bash conservative ideology from the start of this blog, and been accused of not giving republications enough credit and never bashing the democrats. Well, here you go. Democrat Senator Chris Dodd is someone I have followed from time to time and for the most part, agree with on most issues. However, when it comes to financial reform and the issue now with big banks, boy does Dodd disappoint. He is one of the more respected Senators in Congress, however he has been linked to many financial lobbyist. He has voted “nay” on some of the most crucial amendments that would help reform the big banks and giving them less power and authority to gamble with people’s hard earned money. The big banks in this country have been bailed out once. It was a tough decision, but both parties argued over it and in the end they gave the bank their money because of the horrible financial situation the country was in. We are starting to get out of this hole, it is still tough and it won’t be easy, but the only way to get out of this mess and consistently stay out of it is by having people like Dodd stand up and look out for the everyday man/woman instead of his own personal interest. I understand politics are politics and Dodd has been a strong liberal but when it comes to this particular issue he looks more like someone who stands on the right of the fence as opposed to the left, and that is not good when it comes financial reform..


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