Major Primary Results!

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Election Primary Results!

Pennsylvania: Specter vs Sestak (Democrat)
Prediction: Joe Sestak
Winner: Joe Sestak

Well I guess the the majority of people in Pennsylvania agree with me. Long time republication and incumbent Arlan Specter was trying to hold on to his seat in the senate after sitting there for over 3 decades, however with the recent forced shift from the republication party to the democrats, it proved that being a moderate just can’t get it done. He is too moderate for the conservatives but in the same sense being a life long GOPer, no democrat could truly trust him at heart, at least not the democrat voters. Now Specter did get a good amount of votes, nearly 45$, but in the end it just wasn’t enough. Upstart Joe Sestak is a true democrat but in the same sense doesn’t have much or a track record on many issues IE: Gun Control, Social Security etc. In the end Sestak was the right choice and Top Notch Entertainment is 1 for 1 so far.

Arkansas: Lincoln vs Halter (Democrat)
Prediction: Sen. Blanche Lincoln
Winner: Run off

We knew it would be a close race especially with the recent backlash against Lincoln for being more conservative on issues dealing with health care, the war & big business. Lt. Gov. Halter made a strong run last night, so much that even though Lincoln was ahead in the polls, she didn’t reach the necessary 50% of votes needed to win the primary, so instead they will both go at it again in a run off on June 8th. Lincoln had 45% of the votes and Halter was able to get 43%. This was by far the tightest of all the races and it should be very interesting come the beginning of June.

Kentucky: Paul vs Grayson (Republication)
Prediction: Rand Paul
Winner: Rand Paul

Boy, this wasn’t even close. With nearly 60% of the votes, Ron Pauls baby boy and the tea baggers favorite conservative Rand Paul won on a land slide against the Sarah Palin backed Trey Grayson. It will be interesting come November when Paul goes up against Democrat nominee and Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway. Paul will be interesting to watch since his father wasn’t exactly loved by the republications, so to see them forced to back his son will be nothing short of interesting. The Tea Party Movement is no doubt entertaining, however to think that there are many liberals on their side is ridiculous. The Tea Partiers are very conservative, and more of your red neck republication as opposed to your old white man business republication. Nothing much more can be said on this except going 2 for 2 with one draw isn’t too bad.

Other News:
A special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th district was held last night to conclude the late-Rep. Democrat John Murtha’s House term. Democrat Mark Critz was able to defeat Republication candidate Tim Burns 53% to 44%. This was important because the Republications thought they had a shot at taking a seat away from the Democrat, however, they were able to which is good news for the Democrats.


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