GOP FL Gov. Hopeful Bill McCollum as ties to Gay Minister Rekers!

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

With the election primaries finishing up in a few states yesterday I could only look at the local politics down here in Florida. One race I am interested in is the race for Florida Governor. Current Gov. Republication Charlie Crist will be stepping down from his position to run as an Independent for Florida’s Senate seat. The leading Republication candidate is Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum. He will be going against Democrat Alex Sink. Though recent polls show McCollum leading Sink which isn’t a surprise since Florida is historically a red state, there is something that is very uncomfortable about McCollum. This past December is was discovered that McCollum used over $120,000 in funds from the state to hire a anti-gay psychologist and Christian Minister George Rekers. was called to testify as an expert witness in defense of the state’s gay-adoption ban. In Rekers testimony he was quoted as saying that gay couples adopting was as undesirable as “Fifteen-year-old couples, 90-year-old couples, Thai-language-only speaking couples, blind and deaf parents, households with a pedophilic-behaving adult, households with practicing criminals, households with drug dealers and drug abusers, households with unemployed adults, households that advocate the overthrow of the U.S. government, households with an active terrorist, households with sexually promiscuous unmarried men and women co-habitating and households”. If you don’t remember Rekers, he was the Christin Minister who was the head of the Family Research Council who’s job was to try and convert homosexuals who were sinning against god to except Jesus in their life and become a Christian. However, early this month Rekers was caught with a male who he purchased from, a gay meeting site. Rekers took him on a week long vacation but claims he was only there to carry his bags. How many people do you know visit a gay meeting site to hire someone to carry there bags? This is just another sorry hypocritical attempt at a minister and the church trying to make gay’s feel bad about them selfs only to cover up their own hypocrisies. Bill McCollum, by being against gay marriage and gay adoption, just proves that he is prejudice. Look at his stance on many other issues and you will see how extremely conservative he really his. When you go to the polls this November just remember that the best candidate that the republication have to offer is buddy buddy with a Christian Minister who behind closed doors is doing exactly what he preaches against. Do you really want someone who one who sides with someone like that? Bring Florida back to the people and in the hands of someone who cares about us, about you and not there own prejudice agendas.


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