Tuesday’s Senate Primaries

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Tomorrow is a big day, the Senate Primary’s. Though every seat is important, their are three major races going on. Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Kentucky.

Pennsylvania: Specter vs Sestak (Democrat)
Former long time republication, Arlan Specter is holding off a late charge from young democrat Joe Sestak. The fight as actually been more of a war with each sides taking shots at each other. Arlan Spector has been promoting video’s of himself with President Obama and Joe Biden endorsing him white Setak has played video’s of Specters past as he stood by President Bush. According to recent polls, the race is neck and neck but i’m siding with Sestak on this one as Specter is just too conservative for my taste. He has been a republication forever, but with the republications going more and more to the right, a guy like Sestak who is more of a moderate isn’t conservative enough for the conservatives.

Prediction: Upstart Joe Sestak

Arkansas: Lincoln vs Halter (Democrat)
In Arkansas, incumbent Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln is going head to head with the challenge of Lt. Gov Bill Halter. Lincoln isn’t getting the support from the democrats. Though she is a democrat she is more of a moderate or conservative democrat especially on the issues of health care, the War & being for big business. With the country so split and the left going further to the left and the right moving further to the right, no candidate can truly get the support they need by standing on both sides of the fence. According to polls however, Halter is still behind Lincoln and if not for a strong late stride it looks like Lincoln will hold on and win the primary but she will have a much harder time in November.

Prediction: Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Kentucky: Paul vs Grayson (Republication)
Ah, a conservative battle. Political newcomer and son of Rep. Ron Paul, Rand Paul is trying to win a battle over Sec. of State Trey Grayson. Both are very conservative and have backing from different parts of the republication and conservative movements. Paul, is backed by the ever popular Tea Baggers…sorry…I mean Tea Party Movement, and Grayson is being supported by everyone’s favorite hockey mom, half term governor and best selling author Sarah Palin, sharp shooter Dick Cheney & Mitch McConnell just to name a few. As it stands now the Tea Baggers are in full force and in the latest polls Paul looks to be in the lead, but with the media fire power of Palin and the rest of logic less thinkers anything is possible.

Prediction: Paul, because I can stand to see Palin smile 🙂


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