A Nun rebuked for saving a life? Yup, the Church is at it again

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Well it looks like the Catholic church is at it again, but this time it doesn’t involved the molestation of little boys. Sister Margaret McBride, a nun and an administration at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix (ya, Arizona again), and also sat on the ethics board in the hospital has been rebuked from her duties as a nun and her new position has yet to be named. Sister Margaret was faced with an issue at the hospital that a lot of nurses and doctors have to face, it isn’t a pleasant one, but it is and should be a fairly easy decision when it comes down to it. Sister Margaret, who after consulting with the ethics committee, decided that there was only one choice. A woman came to them, she was 11 weeks pregnant, and it turns out that the woman had a life threating disease and by going through with the pregnancy she would have lost her life. Sister Margaret preformed the abortion, and saved the womans life in the process. Once the church found out about this they of course went berserk. The unidentified woman was deadly sick with a condition called pulmonary hypertension. It limits the ability of the heart and lungs to work properly and it’s made worse and even fatal, by pregnancy. This is what is so mind boggling to me. This woman, this “Sister” , saved a womans life who would have been killed by going through with the pregnancy. Now i’m not the type to say that abortion should be used as birth control, but I believe that abortion is a womans choice, and that life does not begin at conception. The first 3 months the fetus isn’t a baby, it is no more than an embryonic cell. Science, something that religion is very uncomfortable with, shows us that the fetus doesn’t even begin to develop passed the embyotic stage until after the 12-14th week. Religion is just so complicated and wacky and in this case is willing to put a human life on the line to save which is essentially a cell all because a very old book of fairy tales and mythology says so. I have ranted on religion before, and I can only question the true mental state of a nun to begin with, however at least she was able to see, for at least a moment, a glimpse of reality and the worth of a true human life. The church, however, has decided to punish this woman for saving someone’s a woman who was in desperate need of help. I think the church should look them selfs in the mirror and really start asking questions about them selfs. With the scandals going on from George Reekers to the Pope himself, a nun saving a womans life is the very least of their problems, and in fact she should be commended not shunned.

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  2. Bobby says:

    Oh and Paul Zummo, since you have nothing intelligent to bring to the table I shall leave you with this; what have you done for mankind and the earth? You know, the things that actually matter and DO exist? And TopNotch, you don’t have to defend me against these idiots. They defend me pretty well already and every time I read one of these ignorant, non-fact based posts it makes care for this country a little bit less each time. Are these really the people who me and my brothers in arms fought for? Are you what my friends died for? If so, a lot of men and women have died in vain. I wish nothing but horrible things Paul Zummo and nothing but great things for his family. I truly do feel sorry for them for having to deal with you. You should be ashamed.

  3. j. christian says:


    I’m really sorry you have such a warped view of Christianity. I don’t know where you get your ideas (“it’s a sin to shit”), but they are false, plain and simple. There is no reason to argue with you, because you are arguing against a million straw men. Just be aware that what you think of when you imagine Christianity, it isn’t it.

    • Bobby says:

      I don’t have a warped view of “Christianity.” My uncle, Baptist preacher, my cousin, also a preacher. And guess what? My Grandfather was also a Minister. So how about this one, YOU are the one who has a twisted view on Christianity. And actually to defecate is in a sin in your Holy Bible. I’d look up the chapter and verse for you but I find that story book so unbelievable that I can no longer stand to even look at it. And what exactly is a “million straw man?” Did you mean a “million strong men?” If so maybe you should work on your grammar before trying to say anything about paragraph breaks being someone friend in a blog comment. Be happy I’m punctuating this. You want proper grammar and english writing then get off the internet my friend. And how is everything I’ve learned from multiple pastors and ministers and your holy bible false? Can you prove to me and all of these other people, you religious professionals mind you, that we and your holy bible are wrong? Did christianity not t lead and start the holy crusade? Did christianity not start and continue the spanish inquisition? Was it not the pope who worked with Adolf Hitler to secure private land for the vatican? How about this. Figure your shit out, get your facts together, and come back at me when you have some thing useful to say, until then have fun with your invisible man in the clouds.

  4. j. christian says:

    Whether or not you “believe” life begins at conception is irrelevant: life does begin at that point, something that anyone who’s taken high school biology should know. And when you say that the fetus is “an embryonic cell” in the first trimester, you show your lack of knowledge again. I’m guessing you’ve never seen an ultrasound from the first trimester. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with one. Heck, even a doppler at 10 weeks will give you a heartbeat.

    Clearly it is the pro-abortion side that is clueless when it comes to science.

    • a “cell” in terms of meaning that it hasn’t reached the fetal development yet. Obviously it isn’t an actual “cell” so to speak. Also, I actually have seen an ultrasound, I have a 2 and a half year old child. This is the problem with the sick overwhelming religious right in this country. You say that the Pro-Choice side is always Pro-Abortion. That is not the case at all, I even said I don’t condone using abortion as birth control, but it should be a womans right. Just because your religious beliefs say otherwise, doesn’t mean that should apply to everyone. If you don’t agree with abortion, than don’t have one. You sir are the one that is being ignorant in this particular conversation because you say that your beliefs are the definite ones and everyone should follow them. You should keep your own personal religious beliefs to your self instead of trying to pawn them off to people who don’t agree with you.

    • Bobby says:

      Dear uninformed, ignorant, discriminative christian. You, sir, are a complete babbling idiot. For one, you MUST be insane to believe in some intangible father figure sitting in the clouds saying “Do it and I’ll fucking spank you!” That, sir, makes NO damn sense what so ever. To better prove my point, what helps out the people of the world more, and be realistic; 1000 pairs of hands praying or 1 pair of hands working? I don’t know about you but actually doing something is a bit more productive than 1000’s of people praying for help and support to do something. So your little religious side to this is completely debunked and worthless, once again. How about this. We start calling you Pro-Lifers what you really are, ANTI-CHOICE. You people don’t care about other people and their lives, you only care about your pockets and how many people you can forcefully convert into your ridiculous view of the world. You people think that if every one holds hands and sings camp fire songs the gospels that everything will be alright. Go try doing that in Iraq, you be on TV having your head cut off within the hour, I guarantee that. I’m tired of all these cults trying to push their religion on me, and I have 2 uncles that are preachers so I get it more than you could imagine. And TopNotchEntertainment, you are exactly right. What has happened to this Nun is a tragedy. Maybe it will open here eyes about this “church” that she based here life on. Maybe she will see these idiots and bigots for what they really are and maybe, just maybe, she’ll get rid of those horrible influences in her life. And how about this one. If your such a good and devote christian, why don’t you go beg for forgiveness right now because last time I checked, it’s a sin to take a shit. So unless your confessing your shitting sin everyday I guess I’ll see you in Hell. Also the 10 commandments states “Thou shall not kill” right? Please tell me if I’m wrong or not but I’m pretty sure that is one of the big 10 commandments. Well if that is one of “God’s Laws” then explain to me the Holy Crusades where CHRSITIANS slaughtered OTHER RELIGIONS just because they would not convert to christianity. Sorry but a religion that preaches to never kill and then turns around and tortures and kills you for not being in their religion, well that just make it sound like your religion is based on of distrust, hate, anger, fear, and blood lust. Well Mr. J. Chrisitan, I hope now you see how much of a bigot your are and how much of a failure to mankind that you have become. I doubt there is any time left for you since you seem to have bought into all the Anti-Choice propaganda out there. Final line, a women’s body is HER body, not yours, not christianity’s, not even your god’s, it’s HER body, HER choice, and HER decision, no one elses. If God really didn’t want some one to have an abortion then if he existed, he do something about it instead of just sitting in those clouds watching. What ever happened to the fun god that rained down hell fire and brimstone and flooded the world and kill all the first born, now THAT is a deity I can get down with. He breaks ALL of his own laws and supposedly wipes out all life on earth except for 1 guy and his family and 2 of every animal. That must have been a HUGE boat! But that is for another discussion. 🙂

      • now that is a great read 🙂

      • Paul Zummo says:

        Speaking of babbling and incoherent, paragraph breaks are your friend. No wonder an idiot like topnotch thinks it’s a great read.

      • It’s a blog comment pal, not a novel. I don’t think it’s so “Christian” of you to judge and make a comment like that anyway…Cranky conservative is right. Go back to reading your bible, supporting the slaughter of innocent wildlife, tax breaks for the rich, smiling at big oil companies and denying people their civil rights because they don’t look like you or believe what you believe.
        You guys did such a great job for 8 years while Bush was in office let me tell you. You conservatives make me sick, you are so far to the right you don’t see anything else and it is the reason that this country was in shambles. In closing, most of your conservatives didn’t even know the term socialist until Rush, Beck & Hannity starting spewing their venom at there brainwashed audience. I feel sorry that you have to live everyday of your life as the clueless twit that your are. Oh ya, by way, insulting Bobby was really nice about a paragraph break. I’m sure he’s happy knowing he spent the better part of 6 years fighting in Iraq in a war we shouldn’t have been in only because he loves his country and was defending morons like you.

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