Start spreading the news, he’s leaving today…

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Sports Rants!, The Blog!

Ah, the opening lines to one of the greatest songs ever written. New York, New York by ol’ Blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. LeBron James is now is in his mid 20’s, he’s been playing in a small market in Cleveland and for a few years now they have tried to put a team around him to win a championship. However, after game 5’s pounding at the hands of an aging but rejuvenated Boston Celtic, one could only wonder what was going through the “Kings” mind. LeBron has been nursing an injured elbow and has definitely not played like the LeBron we all know and love. In seeing this and the way the Cavs have played the last 2 games, I could only speculate. James must be thinking that it might be time to step away. It only proves that if James can’t play at an extremely high level, that his team can’t help him out, and they will only play up to his level. James has given the small town team enough time to put a real winning team together, unfortunately for them they just haven’t been able to get it done. If the Cavs bow out in the 2nd round, it will be very interesting to see what LeBron does. Will he stay and give Cleveland another chance or will he leave and take a new turn in his already stories career? The chances that he ends up in New York are iffy, it is very possible however. The New York Knicks have 37.5 million dollars to spend in the off season, 8 million more than the next team with money to spend, the New Jersey Nets with 29.5 million. The Knicks GM Donnie Walsh, former Indiana Pacer GM, has made almost every more he could make to make sure that the money was available on July 1st of 2010. If the Knicks and their fans want LeBron to come to the big apple, they will be cheering for another Boston Massacre at the hands of the Celtics on Thursday night, pushing the “King” just a little closer out of the Cleveland door.

  1. Robert Sobel says:

    I second that emotion!

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