Movie Review: 12 Angry Men (1997, Remake)

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, The Blog!

12 Angry Men -Remake- (1997)
Written by Reginald Rose
Directed by William Friedkin
Starring Jack Lemon, George C. Scott, Tony Danza, James Gandolfini, Hume Cronyn
Run Time: 117 min.

12 Angry Men. I watched the original in the 7th grade after reading a short play about it in class. I read the part of juror number 2. I remember everyone being bummed out about having to watch an old black and white movie but I was into it since I always loved older films. I decided however to look back today at the remake that was made in 1997. I’m usually one who is against remakes, more particularly in the horror genre, but over all as well. I mean, if it’s not broke why try to fix it? However, I just watched the remake on TV today, and it reminded me why this film is one of my favorite remakes off all time. Kind of a bold statement I know, but it’s hard not to love it. 12 Angry Men is a simple story, no multi-million dollar effects or explosions, big battle scenes or anything of that nature. It is a story of 12 jurors, who must find whether a young poor Hispanic boy, is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the crime of murder against his father all taking place inside one room in a court house. The films begins as the judge tells the jurors to go to the room and debate and come out with a decisive verdict. The facts at first seem overwhelming in favor of a guilty verdict, with only one juror questioning the facts. Juror #8, played by the legendary Jack Lemon, isn’t convinced that the boy committed the crime. The rest of the jurors all vote guilty, in particular Juror #3 played by George C. Scott. Scott is the most angry of the group, putting aside any sense of reason in order to get a guilty verdict. The cast of the film is tremendous. From Tony Danza playing Juror #7 the annoyed baseball fan who just wants to leave to catch the Yankee game, to Mykelti Williamson playing the rare character of a African Muslim bigot as Juror #10 or my favorite character of Hume Cronyn Juror #9 the peaceful elderly man with enough wisdom to make a point. I can go through all the characters but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might be checking it out for the first time. Director William Friedkin, known for directing the Exorcist, does just a tremendous job with the cast & Jack Lemon shines in his staring role of the doubter who one by one convinces people of the truth, how he does it, you will have to find out for yourself, but take my word that it is worth the ride.

Average Movie Ticket Price– $10
“12 Angry Men -Remake-” Ticket Price Worth– $9.00, Large Popcorn and a Large Sprite, light on the ice

  1. Robert Sobel says:

    did the remake change anything much? Did the TRAIN still play a big role?

    • the remake just updated the story to current times. Adding race more into the film, 4 of the Jurors this time were African Americans. Jack Lemon gets really into the whole train theory and has a funny part in the film as he mimics the old man and limps around the table.

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