Arizona Governor now bans Ethnic Studies…

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is at it again. Just weeks after signing Arizona’s controversial and prejudice “Show me your papers” Immigration law, she has just signed a bill banning ethnic studies in public schools. African American history, gone. Mexican-American history, gone, Native American history, gone. Is this really happening or did the state of Arizona hop into Dr. Browns time machine and go back to the 1950’s. Personally, I am a white american from Long Island now living in Orlando, FL so why do I care about some little Mexican kids in Arizona? It’s because I live in this country, and everything has a ripple effect. Whether people like it or not, there are immigrants all over the country, some here legally some illegal, but the bottom line is that this country was founded by immigrants. Sorry to break it to you, but the immigrants that came here were the backbone and foundation of our country and are the reason that we are here today. It is true that there are Mexicans that come here illegally, same as people who come here from Europe, Asia etc. However, there are thousands that come here legally, and break their own back to make a living for their own family. We do need a new and revised Immigration Reform in this country that will give people incentives to come here legally and who have something to offer to our country. In the same respect people should not ignore real history in our schools just because it is not white American history. The two laws that have just recently being passed are the republications trying to use kids and immigrants as political pawns in the wild and sometimes evil world of politics, and everyone who backs these laws should look them selfs in the mirror, be ashamed of them selfs and get with the times.

  1. Robert Sobel says:

    Did she give any reason(s)for banning these courses?Were they mandatory or optional,and at what grade levels did these courses start at? I cannot believe that these educated people,themselves, do not see the narrowmindedness of doing this.

    • The reason that she banned them is because according to her, the ethnic courses make children of that ethnic group prejudice towards white Americans and make them feel repressed. The courses were optional courses and would have started from middle school forward.

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