Obama makes his pick: Kagan for Supreme Court

Posted: May 10, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

President Obama has finally made his long awaited pick for the Supreme Court. Solicitor General Elena Kagan is the “winner” and is only the forth woman to be named to the position in Supreme Court history. She is a former Dean at the Harvard Law School, first woman to serve as the top Supreme Court lawyer for any administration, however she would be the first justice without any judicial experience in almost 40 years. She seems to have a love/hate relationship with both Democrats and Republications because she sits in the middle of the political spectrum on a lot of issues. President Obama seems to think that she will bring liberal and conservative ideas together in the court while at the same time please both sides enough. From the little that I know about her she seems to be very hard nosed which could be good or bad depending on the issue. She is too conservative for me when it comes to “indefinite detention without a trial”. She thinks anyone who is “suspected” of backing a terrorist group should not be given a fair trial, for me I believe everyone has the right to a trial and if convicted be punished accordingly. However, looking at some other issues she leans more liberal. Only time will tell how this plays out, and though she looks like Mathew Broderick in drag, she seems like a solid pick, one that republications will most likely filibuster not because she isn’t a good pick, but just because she was Obama’s pick.

  1. Bobby says:

    Don’t know anything about her so can’t really say anything about her or the situation. However, I did see something in there and I have to say, for once we disagree on something. Indefinite detention without a trial of terror suspects. Before I start in here let me say, before my ideas and views can be feasible and reasonable, a lot of shit needs to change first. That being said, fuck terror suspects. If there is enough evidence to deem someone a true terror suspect with plans to attack this country and/or it’s people then here’s what I say. Execution. No trial. No bail. No defense. If they plan to attack this country and/or it’s people they deserve to die. Period. Now like I said earlier, a lot of shit needs to change first before we could do this and it may piss off other countries but who are they to talk? We treat our POW’s, terror suspects, and criminals better than any other country on the planet. If you ask me, we’re too soft. Our enemies see that and they use it as a point of attack. We as a people and as a country need to toughen up and stop letting the rest of the planet dictate how we do business. Let the debate begin! >)

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