Movie Review- George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead (2009)

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Movie & TV Show Reviews and Thoughts, The Blog!

George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead (2010)
Written & Directed by George A. Romero
Starring Alan van Sprang, Kenneth Welsh & Kathleen Munroe
Run Time: 90 min.

The Godfather of zombie films is back again in his 6th installment of his living dead series. There is something that stands out to me with Romero films that differ than other horror movies and imparticular other zombie films. Most zombie films go two ways. Number 1, they are low budget films with people looking to have fun with special effects and trying to make a buck, or Number 2, people who try to use the Romero name, throw a lot of money to the movie and make it about shaky cameras and fast zombies. Romero does neither of these and that is one of the reasons why he is my favorite director and one of the main reasons I have gotten into film. All of Romero’s films, including his zombie films, are a about a theme, a subject along with social commentary being put in the middle of it with the actors put in the film to fill the gaps and the special effects added for the fun factor. Night of the Living Dead came out in the 60’s and was the civil rights struggle staring right at you, Dawn (78) was consumerism at it’s finest etc etc etc. In Survival of the Dead, Romero addresses religion, evolution and man’s issue with holding on when he needs to let go. Survival opens up with a few remaining members of a military group traveling to try to find a safe haven, on the other side of the world on a small island called Plum, two Irish family’s fight to control the island. The Muldoon family is very religious and fight to keep the zombies alive because they believe it is god’s word to keep them around after they have returned from the dead. This family keeps the zombies, shackles them and makes them repeat a familiar task they had in their life (IE: tying a zombie mail man to a mail box and watch him put the same letter in the box over and over) while the O’Flynn family thinks that the zombies must be killed as soon as possible. The heads of each family are bitter rivals and finally Patrick O’Flynn, the head of the family, is forced to leave the island along with some of his followers. We than see the military men run into a group of straglers in the woods who try to attack them. The Military men fight them off and a local boy joins up with them. The boy tells them about a video he has seen over the internet of a family who can take you to safety. The family turns out to be O’Flynn family who use the Military to head back to Plum Island. We than get a battle between two opposing view points where we witness people struggling over their own personal beliefs and the need to hold on to them. Survival also deals the the evolution of the zombies much like the real evolution of man over the years. In his earliest zombie films, the living dead just moved slow and are brain dead, but he shows us that in the evolution of his series of films, zombies can learn and evolve into something more. Survival isn’t a comic book romp like Dawn of the Dead, it isn’t the gore fest that Day of the Dead is, it isn’t even the big budget story that Land was or the innovated movie of Diary. Survival is a low budget story of man, and zombies happen to be around it. Don’t be discouraged though, there is enough action and blood to keep the gore hounds happy, imparticular a man fishing only to reel in a zombie which was very well done. Don’t go into this movie thinking your getting a over the top faced pact zombie remake or rehash that has come out so often over the years, it is another vision of the master, who at 70 years old, still proves he has a lot to say.

Average Movie Ticket Price– $10
“Survival of the Dead” Ticket Price Worth– $8.00, a Medium Buttered Popcorn & Small Orange Soda along with some skittles if you can hide them in your pocket 🙂


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