A Catholic Apology…sorta

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Political Commentary, The Blog!

I have to admit, I should apologize to the catholics out their that I might have offended. A few weeks back I ripped apart the Pope, church & Catholicism in general for the ever lasting tragedies that have come out over the years about the priests and little boys and now the Pope being involved as well. I really got on them I was wrong. I shouldn’t put all the hate on them, because now it’s other Christians too! George Rekers…ever hear that name? If you have it’s because he was one of the founders of the “Family Research Council”, an ultra religious right wing nut job group who gives their love to the lord, yet preaches hate to everyone who doesn’t believe in their little black book. One part of their group is to “save” people who are gay and try and convert them to Christianity and make them straight again. This is insane to think that you can change someone, people are born gay, who cares, it’s their choice and if you have a problem with them because of them being homosexual, it would be the same as if you had a problem with someone because of their race. That however, is a different story so back to our good friend Mr. Rekers. Mr. Rekers, one of the heads over the FRC and the gay turn around section, was caught with a “rent-a-boy” who he claims was hired to carry his bags. That makes me laugh especially when it turns out he rented him for the only really you would rent him from the company the boy works for. SEX…GAY SEX! So this ultra conservative religious nut, who hates gays and wants to give them to Jesus to turn them straight, is actually gay? Don’t be so surprised, it seems like this is becoming a consistent story in the news every few months and it is scary knowing that is happens so often by this blatant hypocrites. I have been told I overly criticize religion, and I will admit I can be very strong on the subject because I have become opinionated about it. I was raised Christian, and though I never got really into it I always said I was Christian because I figured I would just go with the flow, I even went as far as getting a cross tattoo. I guess you can call me a born again agnostic, once I opened my eyes, became realistic and got interested in facts and science it just all started to make much more sense. I don’t have a problem with religion, it’s just when it becomes forced on people whether it be scaring your children into it when their young or brought into politics when it could dip down to everyone in the country. When I see a story like this it just makes me snicker, people who knock everyone and anyone who don’t follow their lead. I’ll tell you this much, if you want me too follow a leader like George Rekers, I think I’ll pass.

  1. Bobby says:

    Don EVER apologize for ripping a certain religion apart. That’s the beauty of Freedom of Speech. I figure if these inbreed FRC and Westboro Church idiots can use it to protect them from prosecution for their hate speeches then so can everyone else. I never feel bad about bashing any religion, except Buddhism and Paganism because they NEVER fuck with anyone else. Christians, catholics, muslims, whatever. If their beliefs make them happy and give them purpose, awesome. Good for them. But the second you try pushing your religion on myself or anyone else I automatically consider you a full of shit idiot that deserves nothing but horrible things to happen to them. Just my opinion. Keep up the blogs! Love chatting at work with you about this stuff. Oh yea, George Rekers? Don’t worry about him and the other hypocrites out there. I’m sure something horrible will happen to them. Things always seem to work out like that. 🙂

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